Climb something today?

  • for some reason the What did you climb today thread is locked???? so here it is take 3... last weekend Isabella on one of our moderate routes at Deer Leap in killington VT. IMG_1898.jpg
    some kids on one of our classics, Celibacy

  • @NickG

    Ah, cool, ya' got it sussed out 😉

    If you've not already, now try clicking on the image itself to open a full size version . One of the advantages of uploaded vs linked 😎

  • got out yesterday for a bit with my friend Tut. IMG_2015.jpg


  • It was nice a breezy today @ the Leap. A welcome break from the humid heat wave. Jim Predmore following Extra Stout and Center Crack



  • IMG_6384 (2)_745x779.JPG

    Late afternoons the high temps leave a bit of condensation.
    still, I need to

    IMG_4731 (2)_1090x962.jpg

    Not the best form

    IMG_4730 (2)_960x851.jpg

    Maybe I should say I still feel the need to

    IMG_4729 (2)1014x1090.jpg

    • Vertical or near-vertical,

    excellent quality, clean granite

    IMG_4739 (4)_830x1313.jpg

    with solid holds that are bigger at the top.

    IMG_4741 (2)_760x1051.jpg

    & am glad to have it so close by

    IMG_6382 (3)_740x571.JPG

  • that rock looks simeler to the gunks.

    Wonderfull gathering to honor Dick Blaney. RMB , Captain Strack. The Brain. The best boss I ever had. Started as a dishwasher in his restarunte and ended up as the head chef 19 years later. So many wonderful people were there and it was a great honor to be part of it all. So many great stories. At the tail end of the gathering I had a conversation with someone who was one of the first people on the scene when Jack died. Intense conversation that confirmed what I had thought that I saw when I arrived a few min later. That vision burned in my mind for the last 35 years yet always wondering if what I had seen was correct and wondering if I had ignored the fireman telling me to stay back and that nothing could be done if I could have made a difference. Finally after all these years a first hand account confirming what I thought I had seen and that nothing could have been done. I needed a bit of alone time after that conversation...


  • last sunday after a quick soloIMG_2224.jpg

    today with my good old friend and climbing partner Alex whom I had not seen in 3 years.

    ![0_1566094556576_IMG_2238.jpg](Uploading 100%)


  • "Climb something today?"

    No, but the forest floor en route to the mystery crag we never did find today was littered with shrooms, so, cooking instead of climbing.

    And, speaking of mystery crags (of which there is an endless supply around here), the one we investigated a couple of weeks ago turned out to be gold...

    ...well, gold if 5.14 roofs are your thing.

    Haslam overhang.jpg

  • love mushrooms. Got caught in a thunder and hail storm in the black hills of SD last summer and ended up picking enough mushrooms on our retrete to the van for a nice dinner 🙂


  • A fun day on the rock pile with my good old friend Alex.









  • @NickG Nice. Color me green with envy! Some damn fine craggin' you young bucks be up to, mon!! ⛰

    On a somewhat related note, have you tried reposting that image four posts up thread "![0_1566094556576_IMG_2238.jpg](Uploading 100%)" since the upload issue has been remedied? Or was that an image size issue?

    Also, cool if the "last sunday after a quick solo" caption being off to the left is intentional aesthetic styling but if not and you'd prefer it above the image, just add a "return" line break. Similarly after the image if you'd prefer the "caption" to follow below the image. 🐕

  • mt washington is about 3hrs from me and 8 miles ctc….

  • a few more shots from the other day.


    lots of hearts on the rock pile,

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