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  • I probably missed the memo, But, What happened to the Trip Reports stuff??

  • @Radish said in Trip Reports:

    I probably missed the memo, But, What happened to the Trip Reports stuff??

    good to see you here & that I'm not alone in the Navigation Challenged crew.
    All Things Climbing including climbing focused trip reports are under On Belay

  • Thanks Gnome! Somehow I thought they had a thing that said Trip Reports before on the titles list.

  • @Radish

    Indeed, you are correct. The previous descriptions were... uhh... sub optimal and seemed to result in more ambiguity than clarity about what to post where. Also prompted demands for a dedicated climbing only category. Although I am fine with off topic discussions, it seemed a bit bizarre to me that "Redpoint University Climber Forums" would require a dedicated space to discuss climbing. So I changed the category description to help clarify. I also lean toward "lumping" rather than "splitting" w.r.t. categories unless/until an obvious subtopic of any given category become so prominent to warrant such.

    General Discussion, a.k.a. "Off Belay" is as its description says. If you feel the topic you'd like to discuss does not find a better home under "Belay On", "Gearhead Mind Hive", "Big Questions", or "Comments & Feedback" then feel free to post up there, e.g. a photo of a garter snake, original art, tasty treats, cats and dogs, one off climbing shots sans any narrative, etc.

    Belay On is for climbing discussion, including trip reports. Those wishing to post non climbing trip reports are invited to do so in the "Off Belay" category.

    Gearhead Mind Hive and Comments & Feedback should both be pretty obvious, eh?

    Apologies for any confusion. Does this clear things up?

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