How Does Redpoint U Feel About Sexism

  • ....Content that Objectifies Women?

    In a thread on ST, someone jokingly(I assume) asked how the site feels about boobs, and the reply was pretty nonspecific as to how the site would deal with it when/if threads became sexualized. "Uh...we like em? Just ask my wife." was the (paraphrased)reply, but..... perhaps they didn't understand the connection the question implied, if they don't know about how Supertopo had, at times, to deal with the Sausagefest Factor that at times could have cared less if women objected to being treated in the old "if ya don't like it, don't look" mentality, or called a prude, or a man-hating lesbian, or what have you.

    I have to believe the site is not going to be interested in hosting fap/jack threads, and things like the Fred Beckey and his "schoolgirls" image IS copyrighted, so they have asked not to include something like that....but how do they feel they WOULD deal with something such as a "My Favorite Belayer" post that morphed into pictures guys had taken of pretty chicks at the crag, who may be wearing a sports bra and wearing it well, for example, and then comments made on that and the one-upsmanship begins and we start to see that some of the guys have a considerable collection of "Belayers" they've collected over the years, perhaps even with the subject of the picture unaware the image exists and has now become part of a circle jerk thread on the forum.

  • @Happiegrrrl

    Indeed. I knew "something" had happened in the past but was trying to keep things light in my reply.

    The issues raised here are serious concerns, however, and it is certainly not my intent to make light of such. But we need balance. One the one hand, tongue in cheek stuff can be very amusing. For some but not for all, so we ought to be aware of crossing such lines when posting in such threads. On the other hand, some folks have entirely too thin skin and/or go looking far and wide for things to take offense over in an effort promote political agendas. It would be sad if extremes on either end of this spectrum spoiled things for the majority in the middle.

    Forum and bulletin boards exist to foster community. My intent is to let the community forming here police themselves, to the extent possible, as to hopefully broadly agreed upon behavioral and social norms for this community. But like all communities, there will always be asshats and trolls who will no doubt engage in egregious transgressions, in many instances, simply for the "thrill" of pushing the boundaries. That will be where moderators and admins come in.

    I like to think the community forming here will find an appropriate balance. The forums provide functionality for registered users to flag/report offending posts. We have moderators and the capacity to serve up time outs and bans to those getting a bit too frisky and far afield of the terms agreed to upon registration:

    1. Be respectful of others.

    2. Play nice.

    3. Have fun.

    4. Don't post material that violates copyright laws.

    5. Uh... Basically... Don't be uncool, okay? 😎

    Those are ordered in the order they are for a reason, e.g. having fun doesn't trump being respectful of others.

    Hopefully we can endeavor to rise to our higher, rather than descend to our most base selves, eh? But maybe this is not enough? In which case I invite further discussion.

  • @toby

    One of the things that really bothered me about ST was the way female posters were responded to. ST males acting like juveniles drove off many female posters with sexist comments. Hope you'll keep an eye on that.

  • A few words about our moderators.

    1. Lynne

    A known entity with deep roots in the climbing community. What she doesn't know about moderating bunches of rowdies....

    1. Halfwit.

    Buddy of mine that does not know jack about climbing (at least far as I am aware) but with much experience dealing with rowdy many to many oriented communities - the likes of which make y'all look like pansy arsed bed wetters comparatively. Way cool dude. Also sharp as a whip. Woe unto to those who test him. So please don't, cuz he's definitely got better things to do and lending his bud a hand on this one out of the goodness of his heart, okay?

  • Only climbing I've chanced to do is into peoples hearts. Not unlike ringworm I guess?

  • Noticed that this thread is presently the one and only to have been down voted thus far. I invite whomever did so to weigh in with their two cents worth and share their perspective.

  • Objectification of women is, specifically as I understand it, a dehumanization of that person into a purely, mostly sexual form, and will not be welcome here.

    What is a more nuanced discussion to have is the other facets of this. Pejorative comments or harassment. I myself am in no shoes to be claiming that I know qualitatively what constitutes either of these things to women, and I would love honest, candid input. I may have the best intentions, but I don't have the experience to intuit how intent from one is received by females; or for that matter any person whose shoes I've not chanced to walk in.

  • Objectification of women is, specifically as I understand it, a dehumanization of that person into a purely, mostly sexual form, and will not be welcome here.

    Thank you, Halfwit.

    I'm not sure if that's the straightforward answer that Happi was looking for, but it works for me.

  • @L-Aura said in How Does Redpoint U Feel About....:

    Objectification of women is, specifically as I understand it, a dehumanization of that person into a purely, mostly sexual form, and will not be welcome here.

    Thank you, Halfwit.

    I'm not sure if that's the straightforward answer that Happi was looking for, but it works for me.

    I am not keen on bunches of legal eagle small print type verbiage. Forum Rule #1 spells it out pretty succinctly:

    1. Be respectful of others.

    Realizing this is a particularly sensitive issue with a sensitive history, we have endeavored to expand upon that for those who may not quite get it yet. Is that so difficult to grok that we need pages upon pages to spell out and delineate any and all possible asshattery?

    I put up these forums to provide a community space for ST refugees but this is not ST. So rather than presume the worst, why not cut us some slack until an actual issue arises that we have somehow failed to handle appropriately before casting judgment, eh?

    My primary objective is trying to foster folks coming together to experience their shared passion for climbing while leaving plenty of breathing room for around the campfire general discussion. It is our shared passion that led us here in the first place. Our differences make us unique. It is good to nurture both.

    P.S.; Halfwit is from Canada. Folks are just lots more civil there, eh?

  • @toby I was just wondering....because, knowing Supertopo, and that the vast majority of people here at least so far ARE the Supertopians, the issue is sure to be tested.

    Of course we'll see how it gets handled when it arises, but I don't think it's an unusual thing to wonder about, being a woman who has talked to many another that wouldn't post at ST, or left in disgust or out of fear of further harassment. That somebody "downgraded" the thread ought to give you an insight into how some of them feel about the topic of a woman voicing an opinion on the subject.

  • @Happiegrrrl

    I invited whomever did that to elaborate. I've since chalked it up to lack of familiarity with the new boards. So someone may well not have even been aware they had done such. For what it is worth, I did not nuke their vote, so somebody else had to upvote to get it back to zero, which is encouraging.

    "Be respectful" is intentionally a large umbrella. Rest assured it has got you covered on this one.

  • Lynne Leichtfus is a mod? Excellent.

  • @johntp

    Yes. See full list here:

    Global Moderators

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