New Powerdrill Technology

  • At 65 I'm not leading new routes with a power drill in hand any more, but bolt replacement at The Needles continues to be a priority. I recently bought a new Bosch Bulldog model GBH-18V 26. That's right, 18 volts. The brushless motor is a game changer.

    A few days ago I had an opportunity to test the manufacturer's claims on power and battery life. With a fully charged battery and a new bit I drilled 42 3/8" x 4" holes in solid granite. Each hole took about 20 seconds. This drill is wicked powerful. 42 holes in a row. It didn't slow down as I went along, at 43 it started to quit and so did I. This performance is beyond my wildest expectations.

    The thing weighs 7 pounds, so there are lighter tools out there which are probably better for leading with, and 42 bolts aren't needed for most projects, but if you're out replacing old bolts in an area where you can use a power drill this one's the ticket.

    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Bosch, and have nothing to gain by promoting their product. Just spreading the word.

  • I have a fleet of Ryobi tools and gobs of batteries and bought the standard, not brushless, Ryobi SDS rotary hammer drill. With a 4aH battery (a mid sized battery in their line) I punched 23 holes into a granite river type boulder. Full depth, bit of a rest between each just like out in the field. The thing is small and light and will take a smaller battery too for on lead stuff. It was quite amazing, and cost $99 at the HD. The brushless ones are supposed to be better.

    This new tech of the small 18v drills is a game changer. I now leave the 24v Bosch at home with no worries about being able to get the job done with the little guy. No way I'd spend 400 clams on a 36v Hilti or Bosch these days with these cheap little ones around.

  • Haven't used a current technology cordless drill, but brushless motors, modern batteries and electronic speed controls are light years ahead of what we had on the past century.

  • My ultra light brushless 18v is a game changer for hiking and new routeing, it is definatly slower than my 36v Bosch but it gets the job done.

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