Political fun without copyrighted images?

  • It's a little tough, but I think this photo I took of Heidi at City of Rocks last week, sets a standard.


  • @FritzRay

    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ humor right there, Fritz!

  • @FritzRay

    I applaud that you've gone to the horses' mouth for your facts and data. I doubt many here have. Life is hectic and there are only so many hours in a day. I know I have not. Since you look to be well into the report, how about some discussion and analysis, eh? Feel free to quote and cite liberally, as commentary and review in the public interest seem to be just what Fair Use provisions of Copyright Law had in mind. 👍

  • Toby: I'm still waiting for my turn at the book. Heidi believes an orange jump-suit will soon be our ex-president's daily attire.

  • @FritzRay

    Cool. Looking forward to that.

    A few replies have referred the quality, or lack thereof, of news and data in my Raison d'etre mini essay. I, for one, place little trust in "the news" these days for the reasons outlined. Something like the Mueller Report would be considered a "Primary Source" in that you are reading it first hand rather than relying on some second hand interpretation/reporting. Primary sources would also include things like peer reviewed academic journals. Such sources require greater investments of one's time, however, so many of us get our news from Secondary Sources.

    Your posting up any summaries, etc. would necessarily be considered "Secondary Source". Secondary sources can be good or bad, depending on the trust factor. Trust used to be linked to integrity, but too oft supplanted by "willful ignorance" stemming from "identity politics" in recent years of click bait driven "journalism". Hence, secondary sources that honestly cite primary sources engender trust and confidence in the truthfulness and objectivity or such reporting. Since you are a "known entity" to many in this community, your reporting and analysis likely has a leg up on that front.

    So... keep us posted, eh? 👍

    P.S.; I probably could/should have posted this reply in a couple other places but seemed apropos here because... you have access to a timely primary source.

  • Oh Man! After the the Trump-tweet news yesterday & today, I need to be restrained!


  • I got arrested in high school for wearing one of those. My handler too.

    My handler's dad, an attorney, and my dad, an ex judge were righteously pissed about the police behavior.

    But I am here to report that I love those mule deer

    I even have non copyright violating images on my other computer

    Checknback laterIMG_1582.JPG

  • I don't really want to know why you have a straight jacket.....

  • "Discuss and debate social issues. Please be respectful of alternative viewpoints. Keep discussions civil, fact, and logic based, i.e. "Claim, Warrant, Impact" in debate terminology. Focus on issues, not personalities. This is not the place for trolls, ad hominem attacks, etc. so if you'r craving such "sport"... move along, move along."

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