Wildlife Encounters

  • I have seen more wildlife in a single day In wyoming than I have in my entire life in the east... No counting turkeys and black flies. 😉 we also have an abundance of bald eagles now.

  • @NickG said in Wildlife Encounters:

    I have seen more wildlife in a single day In wyoming than I have in my entire life in the east...

    WTF? Have you never been to Manhattan?

  • only a few times. come to think of it I did see some fairly Bizarre wildlife on the A train in 1987

  • In the Timbers to Fenario the wolves are running round again.. a few nights ago behind the cabin.

  • This week on WY wildlife, the "Guard Dogs" are caught...

    ...not guarding.

  • Took my sister and her partner for a wild horse looksie this morning. Got to meet a days old foal.

  • Maybe this should go in the coronavirus thread? Not sure, here's the story -- you decide.

    First some background. The city of Vancouver, on Canada's southwest coast where this takes place, is home to about 2.5 million people -- not Tokyo or New York, but still a fairly big city. And the district called the West End was one of the first places in North America where residential went vertical. It was, a few decades ago, the most densely populated place on the continent -- about two square miles of people stacked forty stories high.

    And, right at the tip of this area is a big park. Bigger than Central Park in NYC, and surrounded on all sides by either ocean or 40-storey residential. So, while quite park-like, it was home to no wild life other than about a million geese, and the Seawall, a beautiful six-mile stroll along the ocean, was hugely popular.

    Then came Covid. And, for most of the last year, Stanley Park has seen a lot fewer people. But fewer people means more opportunities for non-goose wildlife, and the result is... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/man-on-electric-scooter-crashes-into-coyote-1.5993556

    Yup, coyote heaven!

    I don't know where they came from -- there is no way into that park other than either out of the ocean or through one of the most densely populated areas in North America.

    But, yeah, wherever there are people, there are coyotes.

  • @WyoRockMan Very cool!

  • @David-Harris any uptick is sales of Acme products? specifically catapults and dynomite?

  • caught Boo Boo
    the big bad wolf
    and a redneck.
    I wonder if the date stamp on that file reading about an hour past 4:20 on 4-20 had anything to do with the redneck hunters keen sense of awareness 😉

  • 86A926FF-93A9-4138-9C9C-0190FBA996ED.jpeg
    Bobcat sneaking through my planted pines. I had just walked over where he is pictured 5 minutes earlier.

    Only the second one I have seen on my property in 32 years. He or she is larger than most eastern Bobcats.

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