What happened to the Taco, anyway?

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    I also wouldn't be surprised if the bottom line of the gear lab isn't as fat as one might imagine. But I haven't even looked at the site there since it's initial launch.

    So do you have any basis for your statement at all?
    Outdoorgearlab buys everything they review "at full retail price", plus they pay the people who test and write for them, and they ARE HIRING.

    Job Opportunities at OutdoorGearLab
    Last Update: Tuesday June 4, 2019
    We're Hiring!

    The compensation varies depending on each category's complexity and the number of products to be tested, but typically ranges from $1,700 to $2,500 for a full category review project.

    Current openings outside of the Lake Tahoe region:
    Barefoot Running Shoes (Men's)
    Mountain Bike Pedal - Clipless (Women's)


    July 20, 2011, Cheyenne, WY - The founders of the popular rock climbing website SuperTopo.com today announced they have formed a new web business, OutdoorGearLab LLC, and launched a novel free web service, www.OutdoorGearLab.com that is dedicated to offering the world's best quality reviews of outdoor gear. At launch, OutdoorGearLab features over 600 reviews in 58 categories of outdoor gear from Down Jackets to 4-Season Tents.

    ...OutdoorGearLab has also announced it will license review content to partner site, SuperTopo.com, who intends to augment OutdoorGearLab's editorial reviews with user-reviews and commentary from the SuperTopo rock climbing community. According to McNamara, SuperTopo.com has a large community of active rock climbers whose deep experience with rock climbing gear results in valuable insights. We think those user-reviews that complement and enhance the side-by-side comparison information from OutdoorGearLab......

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    Mountain Bike Pedal - Clipless (Women's)

    Someday someone's going to have to explain to me how you can have gender-specific clipless pedals.

    I'm not doubting that there might be a slight difference in the pedals, but it would have to be purely designed to capture the market share.

  • @SamV said in What happened to the Taco, anyway?:

    So do you have any basis for your statement at all?

    The basis for MY OPINION, which is what the phrase "wouldn't be surprised if" indicates, is the fact that having the funding to launch and develop a site is not always directly correlated to how fat the bottom line is.

    Ever see a vacant building with a banner touting "Coming Soon!" and indicating a restaurant that seems promising or at least interesting? And you see the contractors at work, and take a peek in and think "Ohhh, that's looking good..." and then you notice they seem to have stalled in progress.... and the place never opens their doors. Or, they open and it's CLEAR there was money spent, and....they fail soon after, or a year after.

    But at any rate - does it REALLY matter? Why are you picking on these people over their decision on how they proceed with their personal business? I know it sucked to have a go-to place put down, but these.things.happen. It's a lesson learned - don't expect to find your/others images and stories safely stored for your retrieval in perpetuity. Especially online...

    If you've ever been an entrepreneur, you probably wouldn't wonder how they can be hiring but maybe not raking in the dollars. After all - didn't Amazon lose money for years and years?

  • Cool story bro...

  • It appears that all the photos in

    Supertopo,A trip report for posterity

    Are now deleted.

    Good try Wilbeer

    How do you know a couple of jerks? They the two always jerking everybody around.

    None of mine were copyright violators.


  • @zBrown said in What happened to the Taco, anyway?:

    It appears that all the photos in
    Supertopo,A trip report for posterity
    Are now deleted.

    That is such a sucky thing to do. I'm really disappointed in those guys.

  • I don’t know the two jerks. I am disappointed. Amazing ,thought it was a nice thing to add.

  • @wilbeer
    I have to say ,that trip report was not about me, I posted to remember some of you folks I believe I was online friends with.

    It is now bothering me a bit. Marlowe ,Hooblie,Gunkie,Z and many others,Edge.

    How fucking petty,really.

  • @wilbeer Sorry,I hope you can live with me ,Thom and Phred paddling towards Dix Mountain ,to climb,on Long Lake, in the Dacks.

  • @wilbeer said in What happened to the Taco, anyway?:

    I have to say ,that trip report was not about me, I posted to remember some of you folks I believe I was online friends with.

    It is now bothering me a bit. Marlowe ,Hooblie,Gunkie,Z and many others,Edge.

    How fucking petty,really.

    Yes, it seemed vindictive and purposely hurtful to wipe away
    an obviously well-meaning attempt to say :

    "hey everyone its been something more than just a message board"
    "It has been so much more than less.... & a shout-out to remember not to forget all the good vibes ."

    • ~ Some Places where The issues of Copyright infringement were Glaring. . . . !

    I tried to dig through the 'menu' that has been re-listed according to the number of posts from most to least; to see what was left.

    In my mind I thought it would be easy to find a specific thread. I was wrong.

    I did, 5 days later, find it,
    (I might/should have asked @zBrown, if he remembered if he'd responded...)

    ~The Steve Grossman Historical Thread Omnibus, by nahOOO~

    (All 'HOT LINKS' Removed)


    Many times during my searching, I stopped to investigate threads with interesting titles.
    I was also taken by reading over a whole page of the menu.
    The variety, the diversity and engagement of the participants that is displayed on one page is worth noting.
    At the point that I made it to threads containing 127 posts, I stopped, distracted by a few different threads.

    I've copy/pasted that page here:
    It is a great example of the diverse spectrum of topics, dates & individuals that regularly contributed & made it such an entertaining site.

    Thread-Title/Msg	   Dot/Author,  Date of final post,   # of Posts

    [threads containing 128-127 responses]
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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