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  • @NickG! As Toby mentions, there are lots of AutoZone stores in Idaho as well as WY & MT.

  • I saw lots of O riellys but don't remember seeing an autozone.. Its all moot now because I have batteries off the internet with probobly no more than a 30 day real warentee from amazon.. I was thinking autozone because their warentees are so good. With an autozone battery if anything went wrong just roll in and they give you a new one on the spot. Don't know much about O Rileys other than their rewadrs program is weak compared ton Autozone. Th batteries I have are made specifically for soler so I am stoked to have them but I do wonder if the 99 buck Autozone marine battery with the 3year warentee would have worked just as well?????

  • Commitment is cutting ahuge hole in the side of your van @ 7pm.... Kind of like launching into an R rated pitch...…


  • @NickG Indubitably. X Rated, even. Rock on! 🎸

  • @NickG

    NickG 2 days ago

    I was just going to go with Auto Zone deep cycle marine battery for 100ish bucks a pop.. might even have been $99.00 on sale Russ and the Duck informed me that I would die a horrible death of wilted lettuce and warm seltzer. they all suggested golf cart batteries for big bucks or top of the line AGM also for big bucks.

    Actually that is not at all what I said Nick:

    Two Costco golf cart batteries made for the job, 86.00 each, boom, done. $172.00. More aH, longer life, less cost, Costco warranty

    At least try to be factual while patting yourself on the back

  • True 'dat. But I am confused now. You spent $360 total on batteries? That would be $180 each? I get that the Optimas are expensive. What did you get again? Why was not the golf cart battery set up selected? But you bought off Amazon so warranty is?? I'm so confused.... πŸ˜• πŸ˜–

    I mean, it's all good. It's your project. 😜

  • all the golf cart batteries I found on amazon were stupid expensive or only 35 amp hrs. or had bad reviews. Possible my search was skewed?? I see more options now that I have bought the mighty max batteries than when i was looking earlier? Certainly If I found them for 89 bucks with 100 amphrs I would have jumped on it. most of the AGM batteries I found that people had recommended were 279 a piece or more. Amazon warranty is realisticly 30 days.. and you have to ship it back etc. Autozone you just walk in the door and they give you free stuff. I think the batteries that I bought were 167 ea + tax..

  • @NickG Ah. So you don't have Costco out there? Hmm... I believe Costco does even do "mail" order now online. Not sure about batteries though. The golf carters are 6v so would be wired in series. Got to account for that when comparativating, eh?

  • never seen one in my life..

  • @NickG Ah, I see. Huge warehouse sized membership stores. Noted for excellent pricing and moving lots of volume. Costco does their own warranty thing, wh/is basically make sure you're happy.

    $100, but in store only, Interstate 6v Golf Cart Battery:

    I am sure the batteries you got will earn every penny invested. But, that said, the thing about batteries, is... the nasty lil' secret about batteries is... even the best must be replaced. So when the day arrives, maybe consider the Costco gulf cart set up,eh? Then next time around, something else. Until you've arrived at a "best solution" via empirical testing. Otherwise yer' just guessin', takin' best shots in the dark, so to speak. Alrighty then! Something to look forward to in future reports. The big green frog was birthed here at Redpoint University so we will expect ongoing updates as to its adventures.

    Cheers! 🍻

  • Not finished but had to taker her for a spin


    She opff roads about as well as the Westy but with better clearance...



    Isa being an enabeler….


  • Huge day today. had to completely reconfigure the electrical panel.


    I have a general Idea of how I want things but each step of the process reveals a new challenge in how things need to be for everything to function properly. Got the kitchen roughed in with a stove that works and the fridge on a slider.


    pretty stoked to be at this point of the build. I can see the finish line πŸ™‚
    Its a ways away but I can see it now..

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