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  • @NickG appreciate your expertise. Might be a year or two down the metaphorical road your input on this thread is appreciated.
    We need Tad Hocking from Super Typo to chime in. He had a lot of cool stuff and good advice from others, like you!

  • notice the prehistorical navigation device on the table... too bad the weather is going to shit here and they will start salting roads likely this afternoon so she is most likely permantly parked for the season as of today. 😞

  • snowing like crazy, salt trucks are out. washed her, full tank with conditioner and parked for the winter 😞 unfourtunatly the best spot to park that won't be in the way for plowing is 60m from the wood shop so its going to be a pain to make progress over the winter. Not saying it won't happen but its going to be slow, tedious and sporadic.

  • parked for the winter.


    Dilemma on what to do with the battery bank... Huge part of me wants to leave them set up in the van so that I can have light and power while working out there. the panels will keep them charged and equalized. other part thinks it would be better to bring them inside and keep them warm for the winter. they would be in a closet with no activity, no draw no charger. ??????????????

  • Nick: Since Heidi has had trouble with her Kubota tractor battery going dead in winter months, she has invested in a trickle charger pluged into a nearby electrical outlet. Per this article on golf cart batteries, it may not be a good idea to keep charging fully-charged batteries.

    "7. Store them in a cool area. Batteries will discharge at a slower rate in cooler temperatures. The cooler the storage temperature the less the standard loss discharge.

    According to the Club Car manual, "batteries stored at 0 degrees F will discharge very little over a 4-month period. Batteries at 80 degrees F. will have to be recharged every few weeks."

    1. Periodically check the charge status.

    2. Do not leave the charger plugged into the cart. Once the batteries are fully charged, unplug the charger from the wall and from the golf cart.

    3. How frequently do stored batteries need to be charged? It depends on the temperature. As a general rule, check the charge every month. Plug it into the charger until the charger turns off if you have an automatic charger - which most of them are."

  • my system is pretty advanced. Charge controller recognizes where the battery is at and has all kinds of different modes. It keeps track of days. every 28 days gives it a equalization treatment. I should email the solar company's tech support and ask them what is best.

  • insulated my side cargo door and paneled today. Super stoked to get that out of the way. completely done insulating and paneling. just trim and cabinets left to do.

    IMG_3058.jpg started her up and let her run for half an hour or so.. Solar system is cruising along doing its thing.. wish I could blow off work and go to Cochise and then Portero. come back in time for Christmas and ice season...


  • Looks great!

  • Thanks...….

  • looking and feeling lonely.. IMG_3721.jpg

  • started putzing around with the kitchen. Might have some new updates in a week or so....

  • @NickG Maybe a wood fired, brick pizza oven, eh? 🍕

    Be sure to ping Dingus w.r.t. optimal venting. 😜

  • working on a utensil drawer for under the kitchen counter. It will need some sort of latch that I have not found yet..

  • @NickG KISS with a peg and loop?

  • might do a simple Cherry turning peg as that can easily be replaced with something better when and if I find it... . the good ones I saw in the marine supply site were pricy. 44.95 ea...

  • Toby,

    Pizza oven for NickG's van?

    He would get more action if he carried a 2 person jacuzzi hot tub under his bed area with a sign outside reading:

    See / use Diesel Heated Water Jacuzzi. Swim with #MeToo

  • pleanty of action.
    Used to carry an oven but only used it once...

  • Isa got me this oven for my birthday in 2016. carried it around for 20k miles but only used it once.. worked reasonably well but over cooked the bottom of the biscuits.


  • @NickG I had(still have but don't use or bring along in van anymore) one of those. Regulating temp was impossible. You HAD to open the door to make sure it wasn't burning, and the temp would drop fast.

    Now, at home, I baje on my grill. On the road I just forego baking. Suppose I could dutch oven, but that's a heavy and cumbersome item to tote and stow.

  • it seemed like a novelty to me. I really don't bake much at home either. usually just apple pie and no way that would cook in a Coleman oven without burning.. certainly would not want to make the mess of preparing an apple pie in a van..... so defiantly don't have a problem living without an oven...

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