What I really need. Someone to take my book and help me put it into digital format.

  • @LynneLeicht Perhaps get in touch with Jim Herrington. I have his book "The Climbers" here beside me and it is beautifully done by the Mountaineers. But I don't know if these kinds of books are popular these days. I suspect Jim hasn't made much money (if any) off this heavy coffee-table work. I've done several books on Blurb.com but never for a profit. Their software was pretty good, however.

  • @jgill Thanks for your comments, John. I'll check out his book if I can find it. So many thousands of people go thru Yosemite....some will like it. I worked in and ordered books, cards etc. for Tioga Pass Resorts store so I have a slight feel for some of this. Yerian created some very cool, eclectic cards of Tuolumne and the Valley that sold pretty well.

  • @LynneLeicht said in What I really need. Someone to take my book and help me put it into digital format.:

    @steelmonkey Steelmonkey, you have already helped immensley and are so apprecited!!

    Hm. . . ?It was a proof read/edit & I'm Glad that got sorted out! !
    I know . . .no more nitpicking

    I was excited to hear about this project; I wanted to offer to help in any way & still do.
    I checked with the person I know in publishing, she is old?! how could that be?

    I told my wife that you guys were the old-time, old school climber folk,
    The great ones, who we once skied with & lived in the dirt with. The last of the flower children, who remembered the summer of love vibe.
    Who would & did give us the shirt off their backs, the last gallon of gas - The utopian-ists
    She said "oh, you mean the ruthless sand-baggers?"
    We were discussing poetry & quotes and such.
    As for the issues that will arise when looking for & working WITH (& not for) a Publisher,
    1st, get a Literary Agent? (Like Insurance, Before you talk to any publisher)
    or designate someone to be the one who you delegate the task of receiving mail;
    That sort of at least declares that you have one.

  • May i suggest talking to Kevin Daniels (KD Publishing) while you are here this week? He publishes quality books, and probably has the resources you need to do this cleanly.

  • @The-Gnome Nit Pik all you want. I can't figure out how to use edit. I click on it and nothing happens. I did try to correct those errors.....

  • Let me see if I can help

    I am using an iPad



    Tapped three buttons

    Lower part of scree showed tools
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    Tapped edit

    Made changes



    Tapping edit should get you into original message

    If it doesn't better ask Kunte Kinte

  • @LynneLeicht Rene' Ardesch and I'm Marty Maine's good buddy for many years. We work together in Sequoia National Park.

  • @Radish Oh, yes, remember you well! Cheers! zBrown, I did do that about 10 times and gave up. I have edited my words here before. Oh, could be internet....I'm out in the mountains.

    Edit: See above. Fixed it for you, Lynne. 🐕

  • I am not published but I have been involved w/a couple tech books as reviewer from very early stages, e.g. the first edition of this one https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9627346-css

    Thought I'd add a bit to the most popular thread of the last few days and post some bits fer' perpetuity that aspiring authors may find helpful:

    • Separate "form" (looks) from "content" (what you are writing).

    • One may then apply "transforms" (i.e. style sheets) to the content to generate different "forms" of publication w/o having to re-edit a bunch of font size, styles, etc., for e.g. pdf, epub, printed page. Many predefined style sheets have been perfected over the years for common publication formats, e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago Style, including most academic journals.

    • Separating content from appearance also really helps your "flow" from being interrupted by aesthetic concerns. Label headings, lists, etc. and get on with it. The style sheets will handle presentation side consistently.

    • Don't use a proprietary "binary" file formats => vendor lock in, i.e. tied to apron strings and years later you may no longer even be able to access. For e.g. some old Word Perfect stuff I wrote. Also whatever MS had pre Word (maybe MS Works???). If you must/want to use office suite applications, use Open Document Format.

    • Store file in "ascii" or "plain text". Then can access via text editor if choice. A very comprehensive and popular one with coders is Sublime.

    • While such ups the ante a fair bit for non coders not already familiar, use a Version Control System (VCS) to track your changes. Such have been in existence since the earliest days of 'puters. Current leader of the pack is Git.

    My kid used Lyx (lowers the bar for Latex) in middle school for a teacher who was known to be a real stickler for MLA. A couple days later I had her call inquiring what we'd used to pull off what no other kid in the class had managed.

    Enjoy the beauty.

    Good luck and have fun! 🐕

    Caveat emptor: Tool sets and publication stacks evolve. But the base concepts remain valid. Season to taste.

  • @toby

    Whaal, hush my mouth

    I must be fallin' behind

    Thanks for the updates

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