Block download of posted pictures?

  • It is currently possible to right-click and copy or save a posted image. Is this a preference you can change at the admin level? I prefer that most of my pictures not be copied or saved. I know that does not solve all issues, but it helps.

  • At some point one has to accept the fact that things posted "on-line" can be saved,hacked, copied, tweaked, etc...

    Just don't post things you don't want shared with the world seems like the easiest solution.

    Cheers, and a good topic for discussion!

  • Even if you eliminate the right-click option, a user can still grab a screen capture of whatever is on their screen...

  • MisterE is right I believe

    Keep your private stuff in your safe

    It is possible to stop this type of copying for a while, but last time I looked they had been hacked

  • Back in my Taper daze, I knew a crazy cat who would drop the Masters in a box.
    The magic box would produce a low-level tape. He became well deservingly disliked and shunned.
    He was shut out from access to the board feed at shows, His tapes would forever afterward be muddy sounding,
    These All- audience versions were not all bad giving the listener some idea of the ebb & flow , but more often than not only of "C" quality.
    Then it was some times cool to have to compare with the Aud/Board/Mix-tapes...Later(now) mixing these recordings together is what gets offered for sale.
    so goes the start of the saga of "Low-Levels Lee"

    With pictures it defeats the purpose to post low resolution, blurry or poor quality images, I think.

    Apparently, for some, the whole point is to wow the world by posting to the world wide web,
    To gain "points" meaningless in the short & long run,
    but many feel some sort of validation from how many "LIKEs" or "Subscribed" their posts' generate.
    Playing the Internet? Winning at the "game"
    ( No-one Iknow cares a whit)
    "Look at this ! - isn't it incredible?! - aren't I great?! hey look at me !
    "If you like, please "Subscribe" & "Don't forget to hit that 'thumbs up'':
    ''Like me'' & "go check out my Instagram" is for some, what makes their life great.

    Its a little like a fist pump, self-glorifying, leading to momentary self-gratification.

    Also, I hope,
    I think many of us here care, that what we share here are "good images"
    to help make this a place that we can all boast about.

    That way it can grow and bring others with fresh pictures to share.
    We try to do our best to post up High res. fine shots that showcase our ability.

    If you want to, you could learn how to add a "Ghosted watermark".
    (I've added 2or3, due to they're being properly sized)
    A less distracting to the viewer way to pee on your property some might say.
    I can't see why anyone finds the need to do so.
    Why does it bother you If it is reposted? Imitation is the highest form of flattery;
    That others would want to share images seen here on the likes of
    "Phaseplant" or the Political, Tossed-Salad climbers Taco forum?
    Take it as a compliment...
    I think the whole beauty of the internet is the ability to share.
    Most importantly, If you don't want to share don't post it anywhere.

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