Full Moon.....No Posting until the full moon comes around.

  • @FritzRay Roh, roh! Sure you weren't camping in Nevada? Maybe close to Area 51?

  • Full moon was Thursday but I did not take this until Sat night - close enough? Lyell Canyon in Tuolumne Meadows about 1130 pm.

    20190817DSC_5894 2.jpeg

  • IMG_5825.jpg

    Dunno... worth the bandwidth? Hmm.... 🤷

  • Whoa, everyone, super great additions to this thread. Really enjoyed them Mucho!!! Thanks!

  • I have no camera and not a decent phone to take pics. I hope someone here can capture the incredible Harvest Moon I see right now.

  • IMG_7068 815x800.JPG

    IMG_7077 -1066x800.JPG


  • @LynneLeicht --- say, i got some fun pics, but NOT as nice as i once did (with this new camera) ...

    i need to get the settings, right for all this... if someone can
    SHARE? 🙂
    HOW? to do it... 🙂

    i did actually get the FACE shapes, once... this time, all i got was light and neat clouds, the night before...
    we had rain for the full moon... 🙂
    will post in a few minutes... 🙂

  • Nice. I have been meaning to resurrect this thread for Lynne. Had a nice full moon set from our new view this morning but got sidetracked taking out the recyclables and then spaced it. Sigh... Ground control to Major Tom.....

    Anywho.... Good on ya' @The-Gnome and @neebee! 📷 👍 👏

  • @neebee

    i need to get the settings, right for all this... if someone can
    SHARE? 🙂
    HOW? to do it... 🙂

    i did actually get the FACE shapes, once...

    Hey Now Kid-O👋 👋 ☺
    So in your own "puter, there is a window, or place where you can edit pictures . . . Yes? Where you see "Crop" Filter" & "Adjust"
    So when there, go to "Adjustments the 3rd choice & play with the features to bring out the detail.
    Do this before you re-size. With Moon-shots, go with high "Contrast" & slightly lower, to very low "exposure" levels.
    No (or "0")"Highlight & work with "Shadow", "Clarity" & "Vignette" before going to the "Filter" (spot) that automatically "corrects/over-corrects" the shot.

    (of course if, by chance, I may have this all bass akwards, in which case trial & error is the best way to learn & find the vision that most floats your boat)

    You know I know how hard I try to be clear... If you ask our friend the man from Merced, he should be able to help, & maybe just maybe he ill join us here in this family-friendly, more "G"-rated Disney-like world; compared to that fishy forum that I never visit . . .

  • @The-Gnome -- hey there say, to you gnome... say, i do have that stuff, yes, you are right...
    and, it has actually helped before...

    i will go try that... i have a painting that i am working on tonight...
    so, i will stop by again, tomorrow and let you know how it worked... and, mouse on facebook, is there to ask... and, another moon-info guy, too...

    i will make that my next step, then... say, thank you !!
    and, there may be another ...

    *keep up the good working, sharing you rock photos...

  • April Supermoon - April 07, 2020

    Tonight is the Largest Supermoon of 2020

    Max illumination was 10:35 EST tonight but still some time, yet?

    C'mon RPU Peeps!

    Post up yer' pics, eh? 📷 🌕

  • I am equipment challenged. But...

    Geronimo, here ya' go!



    April 08, 2020 Early Morning Supermoon Set.

  • Lake Erie from the Canuk side.


  • hey there, say, all.... i am late... ahahah, or, perhaps early, before the NEXT ?? full moon...
    but, i have 'half way' learned how to do this...

    half way, meaning, as-- i may have FORGOTTEN what i did???


    mom and jeanie, xxx.jpg

    more funxx.jpg

  • @toby ---nawwww.... it looks, or, appears to be: you were 'sky challenged' ... i have had that
    happen many times... too moist, too overcast... to cloudy... too foggy... or

    RAINING or snowing, ... oh my... : O

  • IMG_1874.jpg

  • Sat nightNKG_5668.jpg

  • @NickG Cool. I'd wanted to get a full moon shot Fourth of You Lie for Lynne but the air was too polluted from firework pyroclastics and it just wasn't happening.

  • @neebee Thanks for these! I hadn't seen them. One of these days I will get a camera that has night vision. Thanks to all who post the full moon. Very special!!!

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