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  • @Scole Nice! I love fresh fish! 🐟

  • It hit 70 f. here today, for the first time in 2020. Our asparagus responded by shooting up & we picked a mess today. We also downloaded 3 new asparagus recipes.



    Although this greasy Italian favorite is hard to beat. Asparagus sauteed in olive oil, with lots of garlic, salt, & pepper.

    garlic asparagus 5-12-14.JPG

  • @FritzRay 70˚F? On 5 March????? Holy shit! What kind of temps are you going to see in July and August? 170˚?

    Now, as to asparagus, you and I have talked about this a fair bit, and your favorite (the greasy Italian sauté) is different from my favorite only in that you sauté it on the stovetop while we usually broil it. Or grill it if we're out on the deck with the Green Egg.

    All that aside, thanks for starting a food thread. I'll contribute... but not until after tonight's great eats. Which will be ready in about half an hour.

  • @David-Harris Errmm.... Excuse me?!! Starting a food thread? Harumph!!!


    Heck, you even posted to it. Must be getting the old timers.... Heh.....

    P.S.; Green Egg. Oooh, la, la!!

  • Toby: Please accept my profuse geriatric apologies. Before starting this thread tonight, I scrolled through the General Discussion threads looking for anything similar. I confess to missing your Tasty Treats thread, but I had enjoyed a long active afternoon outside, & my IQ drops sharply, due to low blood sugar in the late afternoon.

    Feel free to merge this with Tasty treats, but I must argue that in my geriatric world, "tasty treats" equate to sugary snacks, & Eats are more substantial.

    Of course, I must note no posts to "Tasty Treats" since 9/17/2019.


  • @FritzRay Ya' gots to catch my tongue in cheek. Unbent any beaks that may have got tweaked. I concur that "eats" is better than "treats". Although treats need not be sugary, but rather more along the lines of special eats. "Great" is a pretty high bar, however, so I am favoring sticking with "Tasty", or maybe simply "Good". Hmmm.....

    • Tasty Eats
    • Good Eats
    • Good Grubbin'

    Have mercy! The possibilities! Oooh, la, la!!

    Alrighty then.... Geronimo and tally ho!!!

    Note: In other words... post up here or there and I'll merge at some later date and edit the thread title.

  • What's a mother to do?

  • Some folks make a do out of today. Others not. Regardless, tell us about yer' eats!

    Genifer is fixing some chicken and Basmati rice. I suspect a sparse green salad will be in the lurking as well. Nothing fancy.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am about three brews into some Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and 10 Barrel Joe IPA. 🍻 🍺

    Party on, Wayne! 🥃

  • @toby said in Tasty Eats:

    Party on, Wayne!

    Party on, Garth!

    Not a special day for us -- other than that we got out onto the rock -- but we always love to cook. Mari's turn tonight, and she's about to do something with pork tenderloin.

    And I'm taking it easy on the beer. Just one so far. A wild-yeast IPA brewed here at home.

  • @David-Harris Yeah, ditto as well. But I 'bout blew a gasket when my sis-in-law came visitin' and hung out fer' hours so I needed medication. o.O

  • More later, cuz I'm being called to the kitchen to go on salad duty.

    Tonight's salad will include some pickings from the first batch of lettuce from the greenhouse...


  • So, pork tenderloin roasted with apples, rosemary and garlic, with braised cabbage and shallot sauce on the side. Plus a salad of homegrown greens with chopped pear and Gorgonzola.

    Mighty fine.


  • David: You & Mari eat so well & soooooo-elegantly, I can only respond with asparagus.

    Our current refrigerator stock, after giving generously to neighbors.

    It grows like a weed.

    asparaug backstock 4-12-2020.jpg.JPG

  • As mentioned, we kept it pretty simple. Genifer surprised me w/a switch up though. Cornbread instead of rice. I was so hungry I skipped the finished prepped meal pics and dove right in. Here's one w/the table set, sans the chicken.


    Just tryin' to give the Tasty Eats thread a bit of love here. Thanks to those who posted up. 📷 👍

    @David-Harris I want to mac that lettuce!! Loverly to be living near the coast in a maritime, moderated climate. With a greenhouse. Froze down in the twenties again here last night.

  • @toby said in Tasty Eats:

    Cornbread instead of rice.

    Well, sounds like Genifer has it together. Cornbread is great. It is often what is for breakfast here (with a bit of maple syrup). And what is polenta (one of the world's great foods) but gooey cornbread?

    But all that aside, your post reminds me of an old, old joke:

    A young man from a poor rural district manages a scholarship to a distant university. When he comes home to the farm after his first year his father wants to know what this whole university thing is about. The boy tells him it's like school, but for older kids, and that he has been learning mathematics...

    "Mathematics?" sez the dad, "whutinhell is mathematics?

    "Well, it's hard to say exactly, but it's kind of like a whole other language."

    "Nuther language? You kiddin me? So, say something in 'mathematics'"

    The son thinks for a minute, and then says: "Pi r squared."

    For which the old man whacks him upside the head and sez: "What you pullin on me? You go away for a year and come back to tell me pie are squared? Buncha bullshit. Everybody know pie are round. Cornbread are squared."

  • @FritzRay said in Tasty Eats:

    David: You & Mari eat so well & soooooo-elengantly,


    We do not eat "elegantly." Well unless "elegantly" means taking the stuff rich people don't want and turning it into food better than the rich people eat.

    Much of what we eat is from peasant cuisines all over the world. Yeah, okay, my post was about pork tenderloin rather than pig toenails, but when you look at the price, pork tenderloin is one of the best protein values you can find in terms of dollars per gram.

    And beef? When steak night rolls around, you can pay some bizarre price for filet mignon if you really want to, but I'm going to buy a hanger for about a fifth the price and get a better-tasting meal.

    Sometimes the whole food scene reminds me of the fashion scene. I spent 80% of the last twenty years of my working life in a comfy office dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, cranking out words, but the other 20% was as a host or panelist at international conferences where most people were dressed in $1,000 suits. Ha! I looked every bit as well-dressed as any of them, and my suits were $25 from whatever thrift store my wife felt like shopping at.

    At the local butcher, I can buy a whole pork shoulder for US$2.15 per pound. Cut off the 20% by weight of fat and braise with a few homegrown herbs and spices and I have a freezer full of pulled pork. Or stew it with some roasted hatch chilies and tomatillos (and cumin and garlic), and I have about ten meals of incredible pork chile verde.

    Elegant? No fucking way. Delicious? Damn right!

  • @David-Harris said in Tasty Eats:

    Elegant? No fucking way. Delicious? Damn right!

    Sorry David, but you are elegant in your dining & wines, by Idaho standards. Worse yet! That's a Costco wine on our table.


  • @FritzRay said in Tasty Eats:

    Sorry David, but you are elegant in your dining & wines, by Idaho standards. Worse yet! That's a Costco wine on our table.

    Yeah, I still have a few "elegant" wines in the cool room downstairs, but what is on our table most nights is just whatever we can find at the local government liquor store at a decent taste/price ratio. Supplemented by what I brew in the garage.

    And if you think pork chile verde, or hanger steaks, or braised lamb shanks, or any one of a hundred other inexpensive ways to feed yourself is "elegant" then I don't know what to say.

    Once this plague has subsided, you should come up for a visit, and a dose of peasant food.

    And, if you do, bring some asparagus.

  • So simple (i.e. non-elegant) and so good.

    A handful of green beans, parboiled, then fried
    Some white beans slow cooked in goose stock
    A piece of salmon from the local grocery store, baked for about 25 minutes.

    Easy, fast, cheap... and fucking delicious... especially with a little bit of balsamic vinegar sprinkled over everything.

    Salmon and beans.jpg

  • I always wondered, why, oh why, would anyone want to mess with the flavor of one of the best foods known to man: Fresh Caught Salmon!

    As a commercial fisherman, I got pretty spoiled. If it was not flopping on the deck a few hours ago it was not fresh. A little butter and lemon and yer' in heaven. Maybe bake it with some bacon. Hence my conceptual image rarely matches reality. And then I realized why some like to spice up salmon. I am allergic to garlic so I guess I noticed this trend, which seems to be correlated whether I am inland versus coastal. You're close to great salmon fisheries though (or were?) so I imagine you're getting the good stuff and it is a personal preference.

    Anyways, I just want to mack that bad boy, sans the vinegar. Especially if it was caught local. I do not even try buying seafood in Boise as to me it just does not cut it and I'd rather do without than be so disappointed. Oh yeah, and do not even get me started on farmed versus wild caught salmon.


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