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  • Taste Bud Orgasm!

    Opera Cake. Ooh, la, la....



    The real deal from a French chef. Sis-in-law hijacked our date night to take wife to a new Irish place. I knew the food was going to be "not good" so stayed home. I was correct. Afterwards they hit up a French place to "purge their palates". Damn! Missed out on the Opera Cake. Looks awesome, too!!

    Opera cake has a history w/us. Once upon a time caught a bit from "The Splendid Table" during France's pastry month. Host was interviewing various French pastry chefs. In France, I mean. To close out the show she asked one of them for "something simple for our listeners at home". Sounded dandy to me so I printed out the recipe. First attempt took Genifer a couple days! All those layers are time consuming! She's got it down to one now. Gets raves from everyone who's been fortunate enough to sample it. Gen's doesn't look this awesome though. Now that she's had the real deal...heh... target acquired. Looking forward to her pursuing perfection... 😜

    If you're palate has not experienced opera cake it, it's an intense flavor extravaganza. Hence served in small portions.

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  • It's Heidi bruschetta time again. Cherry tomatos, garlic, & onions from her garden. I confess we don't grow & grind the wheat for the baguette.


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    Took this one a bit too far on the rotisserie. Oh well, still awesome eating.

  • The first of this year's pepper harvest

    2019 peppers.jpg

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  • The shrooms are upon us.

    Lobsters today (and we were looking for a new crag, not a bunch of fungi).

    The chanterelles and matsutake will be pushing up through the moss real soon now.


  • Today's haul

    15 Sep 2019 harvest.jpg

  • Instead of going climbing this weekend, I went spearfishing. We made Baja style fish tacos, in mainland Mexico, in Jalisco, but they tasted just as good as they do in Baja!


  • @Scole Nice! I love fresh fish! 🐟

  • It hit 70 f. here today, for the first time in 2020. Our asparagus responded by shooting up & we picked a mess today. We also downloaded 3 new asparagus recipes.



    Although this greasy Italian favorite is hard to beat. Asparagus sauteed in olive oil, with lots of garlic, salt, & pepper.

    garlic asparagus 5-12-14.JPG

  • @FritzRay 70˚F? On 5 March????? Holy shit! What kind of temps are you going to see in July and August? 170˚?

    Now, as to asparagus, you and I have talked about this a fair bit, and your favorite (the greasy Italian sauté) is different from my favorite only in that you sauté it on the stovetop while we usually broil it. Or grill it if we're out on the deck with the Green Egg.

    All that aside, thanks for starting a food thread. I'll contribute... but not until after tonight's great eats. Which will be ready in about half an hour.

  • @David-Harris Errmm.... Excuse me?!! Starting a food thread? Harumph!!!


    Heck, you even posted to it. Must be getting the old timers.... Heh.....

    P.S.; Green Egg. Oooh, la, la!!

  • Toby: Please accept my profuse geriatric apologies. Before starting this thread tonight, I scrolled through the General Discussion threads looking for anything similar. I confess to missing your Tasty Treats thread, but I had enjoyed a long active afternoon outside, & my IQ drops sharply, due to low blood sugar in the late afternoon.

    Feel free to merge this with Tasty treats, but I must argue that in my geriatric world, "tasty treats" equate to sugary snacks, & Eats are more substantial.

    Of course, I must note no posts to "Tasty Treats" since 9/17/2019.


  • @FritzRay Ya' gots to catch my tongue in cheek. Unbent any beaks that may have got tweaked. I concur that "eats" is better than "treats". Although treats need not be sugary, but rather more along the lines of special eats. "Great" is a pretty high bar, however, so I am favoring sticking with "Tasty", or maybe simply "Good". Hmmm.....

    • Tasty Eats
    • Good Eats
    • Good Grubbin'

    Have mercy! The possibilities! Oooh, la, la!!

    Alrighty then.... Geronimo and tally ho!!!

    Note: In other words... post up here or there and I'll merge at some later date and edit the thread title.

  • What's a mother to do?

  • Some folks make a do out of today. Others not. Regardless, tell us about yer' eats!

    Genifer is fixing some chicken and Basmati rice. I suspect a sparse green salad will be in the lurking as well. Nothing fancy.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am about three brews into some Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and 10 Barrel Joe IPA. 🍻 🍺

    Party on, Wayne! 🥃

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