• I just strolled over to see what was happening on "The ButtHurt Supertopo Thread" and am getting an access denied page. Is it something I said, or is WF down?

    The denial url said "...accessdenied.umbrella.com/?cats=%5B%22Pornography%22%5D&client_ip="

    Can someone techsplain that to me?

  • You're passing through some kind of webfilter that has catagorized that host as pornography. They have these filters in places like company networks/libraries/schools/etc... The problem is the domain name 'seems' vulgar even though it's harmless. So someone reviewing the weekly network usage will spot the name, not even investigate it, and just add it to the blacklist. So whoever manages the network you are connecting through might be persuaded to unblock or whitelist it....

  • @Fear Thanks. I am at a Starbucks, so can see that being the case.

  • LOL.... damn Starbucks lurkers are SOL!

  • @Happiegrrrl

    That happened to me at Starbucks, too.

    I think someone must've mentioned Moose's hairy derriere shot to Starbuck's IT.

  • That might also explain their new special coffee drink, One-Eyed Moose Mocha Frappucino...

  • @Fear: When I googled "wide fetish climbers forum", there were a lot of porno sites listed.

  • @johntp

    Used to get my 'spo from the original, from time to time, bitd. Now I see them as purveyors of consistently mediocre coffee drinks. I gotta be jonesin' pretty bad to hit a Starbucks. You folks actually down w/the coffee or is it mostly about atmosphere?

  • @toby

    The coffee sucks. The espresso is just OK. Emergency caffeine fix or, more often, emergency restroom stop only.

  • Emergency wi fi when on the road..

  • Go to Widefetish for the real deal, not this snowflake wimpy dead sterile redpoint place here .......

  • Gaudy & tacky, self-aggrandizing, good for the very occasional emergency bathroom break.
    Both Serving up icky swill - Its Burnt Bean Coffee, Real deal of any value ?
    One isn't Just as much as the other isn't,
    Hard to believe that anyone needs that sort of fix on the regular.
    I have a word for it! `Like a Lincon not even a Cadillac . . .
    IMG_6183 (2).JPG
    derived from “bourgeois,” but used by others of the same stripes to describe rivals:
    "Girl, did you see the Glitter still on her? (optional tongue click) she wearing it like she was all that, (tongue click) she so booji"
    The Up-On-The-Corner-Elite, Ill-gotten Nouveau-riche.
    The Ghetto-Fabulous demographic defined by a need for fake or cheap luxury and flashy material items.
    Talk About Gross Materialism !

    Groucho Marx famously said:
    "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me"
    " It " is that in this case . . .
    That Trash, Those Two Words Attaching - can not be brought up in mixed company.
    Never mind polite, "Circle K Sally" who hangs out behind the Ice Box trading service for 'Rok' would be put off ya, for being on that site.
    It has been said before, it gets blocked by 'Fire Walls' as a porn web site
    As a Chaperon for children at risk & the father of 2 National Merit Scholars, too,
    I'll have to pass. Sorry if that comes across as superior & arrogant

  • @The-Gnome

    Congrats to those National Merit Scholars

    I was bad in high school

    I took the test but did not win anything

    I took remediation and then went to real college, where I got a prestigious award too, it was not the Medal of Honor

    Edited to add this clarification

    Here is a little bit about awards, recipients and their relative value in life

    Medal of Honor recipient praises revolutionary neck injection treatment for PTSD


  • @zBrown
    Thanx zB
    Seems, delinquency, like baldness, skips a generation?!
    I took High school seriously, #Tookme3One-2Times to get out

    Had an extra lot of fun though, went to a lot of shows
    The 3 Mile Island was a gas

    Any way you look at it I've been blessed and cursed
    So I volunteer in the hood, some badass kids - clean but at risk

    they have me take 'em bowling 'n stuff;
    Never hoods in the woods, Don't believe in that

    & can't risk all the ticks, these kids already know from snakes
    there aren't any lessons to be shared for the track their lives are on

    They would only take away that those are what & where to find vehicles
    to break-in to & steal or steal from and how to use ropes to become
    high-rise housing project building thieves

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