• ha ha toby.

    Anyway IMESHO, this Women's world cup has shown some of the best soccer ever.
    Today and yesterday's games were great examples. In yesterday's game, US and England didn't hold back and were so good, and that was more/as entertaining as any game I've ever seen: men's, women's, CONCACAF, America's, Premier League, Champion's league, WC: what ever.

    Today's Sweden/Nederlands game was really well played given the caliber of the teams, but omg it was kinda dull. Kodos for Nederlands for sticking out out and it WAS AN EFFING BEAUTIFUL goal.

    I think the US will take apart the opposition, but you know, you just can't tell.

  • The sports team from my area is more worthy of mindless adulation than the sports team from your area!

    Oh, yeah... Hi Darwin. Wish we could set up some teleport thing so that we could go out for a pint!

  • Ghost; I won't say I wish you were here, but I do wish I were there!

  • @was-dar said in Soccer-fuchibol-football:

    Ghost; I won't say I wish you were here, but I do wish I were there!

    Well, any time you have nothing pressing on your schedule for a few days, saddle up and head north-north-west. It's not very far -- just a short drive and two ferries.

  • Congratulations USA women!

  • @Smokey said in Soccer-fuchibol-football:

    Congratulations USA women!

    That was a good game. The reffs seemed to let it get "choppy".
    I thought the Dutch team seemed to be getting off easy, especially when on offense There were a bunch of "No-call" favoring them, that occurred in the USA's zone
    The lack of stiff officiating may have led to the way that the Dutch women were playing. The head-butting collisions & very aggressive play; it was a "High-kicking call that caused the penalty-kick goal.

  • As climbers, don't we all have to be rooting for Sheffield United?

  • OK, back on ST there was a pretty big following for real football. Is it me? Backing off pitty-party-for-Darwin:

    I thought that the Manchester United / Wolves game was effing totally awesome. Bad that I watched it from a pub at midday, but boy was it worth it. George and Dragon, Seattle, fyi. It's possible that I had a beer+ that I shouldn't have had at that time of day. I think I was the only Wolves fan, very discrete, in the pub. Still the way the home team came out and decided they weren't going to lose and then tried to win. Good stuff.

  • @was-dar said in Soccer-fuchibol-football:

    Is it me? Backing off pitty-party-for-Darwin:

    Yes, Darwin, it is you.

    The rest of us know that your kind of football is what men who are not manly enough to play the other kind of football play.

    But then, if American football players were manly enough to play cricket, they wouldn't be grunting around on Astroturf.

    And, of course, cricket is a fallback for people who haven't got what it takes to play basketball.

  • @was-dar

    Don't know jack about soccer. Other than when I went to school it was a sport the girls played. All the boys played real football. And basketball and/or baseball, but the bmoc's were definitely the real football players. Never mind that they rarely won a game. So whence came the status? I loved playing real football but didn't have the size, nor blazing speed to compensate for the lack thereof, so didn't go out for the team. Glad I didn't cuz in retrospect lots if not most of those dudes from bitd seem to have far more issues with arthritis and such. Not to mention being a bit brain dead. Not sure which may be cause and which may be effect on that one.

    Same kind of gender schism with volleyball. Fast forward a few years and I'm now at UCSD where volleyball was the really big deal and the volleyball gods the big Kahuna's on campus. My girlfriend of the time was born and raised in San Diego so I was begrudgingly "accepted" into her beach culture crew. They'd have to be pretty buzzed and into jungle ball mode before I'd get into a game though. Nevertheless volleyball came to be my all time favorite team sport. Got to be pretty good buddies w/one of the gods, Paul Kotas, as we were both into road bikes and did a fair bit of cycling together. Paul had mercy on me and schooled me up on the basics of pass, set, and hit to the point of being halfway decent. Paul used to play in the Cuervo Open but didn't quite have the requisite height once it became the Cuervo Invitational. Went on to be a trainer for the US Women's Olympic Team and periodically coached at UCSD. Last I saw him was suckin' down shots from the luge at his 50th. His wife sings in a band and we had some good live music. I contributed a few pryoclastics to the event that I'd brought down from El Norte, but not enough for the cops to get definitively pinpointed in on our location. Damn good party. Paul runs a handy man business in North County now. Not talked to him in a decade. Guess I should work on remedying that. Maybe get back down to SD one of these days. Kind of intended to to take the niece on a college tour trip and hit a few UC campuses but she wants East Coast. And hell, if I am going to drive all that way, might as well spend my time at JTree, eh? Except I really do miss the ocean beaches. Sigh... Sucks to be landlocked.

    Oh wait, was this thread about Soccer? Yah, mon... it seems not too many RPU folks are aficionados of the sport. Did I mention that I don't know jack about it? I can still have some level of appreciation for the athleticism involved though. Highly tuned athletes are something to behold regardless of sport. Except hockey. Oh wait, didn't you also start a hockey thread somewhere? So yeah, I guess yer' a freak(*). I was checking out some stuff on bigstupid and arctic-refuge today though and it seems you're actually pretty okay, despite your poor choices in sport. 👍

    But nowhere near as strange as @zBrown, who posts up about Brew 102 in a craft beer thread. Yeah, us climber types have always been known to be a bit "touched in the head". I mean, why else would we do that 'chit? Maybe chickens come home to roost after all that oxygen deprivation at altitude. In any case, welcome to the club. Seems you're in some pretty good company.

    @David-Harris As for manly men and cricket... Maybe you were thinking of Lacrosse? Seems to be becoming a deal hereabouts amongst the real football crowd. Maybe because it's a complimentary contact sport played in the Spring on a field roughly sized as real football? I've never played it, nor had the opportunity but it seems like it could be pretty cool.

    Speakin' of beer... 'nuff random tongue in cheek tom foolery from the peanut gallery fer' one night. I hear, in my ear, some craft beer callin' my name. Prost! ⚽ 🏈 ⚾ 🏀 🏐 🏒 🏏 🍺

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