Your BEST! ORIGINAL IDEA EVER! Please share?

  • @FritzRay

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 🏁

    Would love to sport one on my bumper, Fritz!

    From the public service department, maybe add Lyme Disease to your list of bacterial infections, eh?

    Caveat emptor: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Others tempted to post genius ideas they may still have big dreams about may want to be wary of posting them up on the big, bad Internet. Lots of thievery from unscrupulous types all over the globe nowadays (read "Angel Investors" and Venture Capitalists). Damn, now where did I leave that tinfoil hat.....

  • I'm absolutely an ideas person. I get a new idea at least once a day. I started a thread like this at the other forum that I admin, and expected people to be like "Oh, let me tell ya!!!!" but...I guess idea people are not a dime a dozen. Big surprise to me!

    But here's a throwaway idea I will offer; one that I did act on:


  • @Happiegrrrl

    Good one, Happie!

    From the technical dept: you're link syntax is fine (but maybe could use something more descriptive between the square brackets, e.g. "Super Powers"). Various third party sites, e.g. Flickr, apparently block pulling such into "foreign" websites. Most likely as a measure to mitigate abuse by unethical miscreants.

    Note: Ah,I see you got it sorted via local upload while I was composing this. I tuned your post a bit to add some line breaks so as to set the image off. Feel free to remove them. Just trying to lend a paw. 🐕

  • @Happiegrrrl I'm not sure why the image is where it is, but it is.... This is the car magnet, and I still need to add stickers and such. I thought about making an option in more "election-y" colors, and I did do one in Blue, but I kind of like the subtlety of it. Like the Pussy Hat wasn't an in your face thing definitely was.

  • @Happiegrrrl

    Good one Happie! Love it!

  • @toby Thanks for cleaning it up there.

  • @L-Aura I thought so, but have to wonder if it would be such a good idea to have my van sporting that as I make my winter travel through the Red Regions. I think a t-shirt will be a better option. People who would think nothing of slashing your tires or smashing your windshield aren't usually going to punch you in the face.

  • @Happiegrrrl

    I would rethink any such exhibitions given the aggressive hostility I have experienced from the alt right. Was accosted by a significantly larger, younger, and far more buff dude in a well worn MAGA hat in the parking lot of local grocery store last summer. I was wearing a Ray Troll Art t-shirt at the time. A long time favorite artist from my AK fisherman days. I enjoy Ray's witty sense of humor. MAGA guy decided to politicize it.

    Verbal assaults included the usual: commie, socialist, get the fuck out of this country because your commie ass doesn't deserve to live here, etc. Upped the ante and shoved me pretty good. My quick thinking defused it when I uttered: "Oh, so you're going to make America great again by beating up a broken down sixty year old man? Right in front of the security cameras too, eh?" That last bit must have got him thinkin'... But not enough to keep him from throwing me a pretty hard shoulder as he moved past. Here's the grossly offensive shirt:


    To be clear: I had not said one word to this dude and lots more focused on grabbing some beer than the shirt I was wearing. It was they who initiated this confrontation. Did not vote in the last election. Go figure. But hey, that's America. Love it or leave it. Oh wait... snap....

    Peace ✌

  • So my daughter now 10 years old was a grumpy baby. That's an understatement. Those little mechanical swings did nothing to help. So I plugged an eye bolt into the ceiling (find the stud!) and took a shoulder sling and wrapped it around the handle of the car seat.

    Now I took a long daisy chain and girth hitched it to the eye bolt and cliped the other end to the sling on the handle of the car seat with a locking biner. Buckled her in and I could sit on the couch and just give her a swift push and she would just swing for 5 minutes and then I would just repeat. Best thing ever! She loved it! Not rocket science but ho man it saved my sanity.



  • @Skywalker Oh, man, does that bring back memories. But we solved our problem with what was then known as a "Jolly Jumper". You can google it, but the basic idea is similar, up to a point. Yes you install an Eye-bolt in the ceiling, but what you suspend from it is a... hmmmm... bungee type cord, down to a seat into which you put the kid, at a height such that his toes just touch the floor.

    Result? Hours of insanely happy bouncing.

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