Ace's First Top Rope

  • My yougest's first top rope.



    Copping a rest to shake 'em on out a bit.


    Alrighty, then, let's get back to it...


    Sussin' out his feet...


    Geronimo! Time to go!


    Gettin' started on honin' up some fledgling route findin' skills....


    Off the exposed face and into the promised land fer' the security of that crack.....



    Lookin' good....


    And on into the home stretch...


    The summit bid!



    Thanks bunches to "Too Strong Dave" from bitd for setting this up and slavin' for a broken down 'ol dirtbag's kid!!


    Deserves a repeat: Mad props to Too Strong!! 🏆

    Those looking fer' guiding and instructing out JTree way.... Recommended 👍

  • @toby
    Nice photos!!! Your son looks like he's gonna be a pro someday.

    Dave was one of my first climbing instructors when I was learning to climb in Jtree. Really love that guy.

    Big Al Bartlett was actually my instructor for the first day (climbing with a group from Vertical Adventures). Big Al is all zen about climbing...placing a gentle foot here, a delicate smear there. No drama, no yelling. And then a case of Old Mil at the end of the day.

    Dave, on the other hand, seemed like a crazy man just released from the looney bin. He had wild eyes. He was loud and somewhat obnoxious and funny as hell. He powered through tough moves like King Kong scaling the ESB. And he pretty much never stopped talking...or picking on me. 😏

    Definitely one of the best guides/teachers I've ever worked with, too.

    Your photos brought back some wonderful memories of my first experience of climbing....thanks for posting them.

  • Nice looking kid there Toby

    A pathway that leads to the stars!


  • LIKE!

    I kept trying to think the route was at City of Rocks, until I saw the Yucca near the end of the photos.

    It's good when your kids like what you do, vs wanting to be investment bankers.

  • @FritzRay said in Ace's First Top Rope:

    It's good when your kids like what you do, vs wanting to be investment bankers.

    Hahahahha! Reminds me of an episode of Northern Exposure. Stellar!

  • Git sum!

    More importantly, Is He Hooked?


  • Enjoys it but I don't think has climbed since that was taken, circa 2015/6. Seemed like a bit of a natural to me as well. He'd actually followed Hands Off the prior day when some folks preparing to climb it politely inquired if we'd mind if they passed thru our campsite near the base. Old man's first lead. But that is a story for another trip report.

    Of course I would love to get him back down to Josh, Smith, or The City. Alas, I cannot crag anymore these days and don't know folks hereabouts I'd trust w/my kid's life (see johntp's recent Index report). Otherwise busy with his young adult life, working as apprentice framer, etc. and I don't see him much nowadays. Ya' know.. kind of like when we were young bucks and busy with other things.... 🦌

    He is pretty into Mountain Biking these days. 🚵

  • Sun, Rock , cords and friends "to much of everything is just enough"

  • My nephew says his 18 month old has "the climbing gene".

    I told him to attach the tops of all heavy furniture to the wall,..

  • Nice Toby!

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