How I flew from the nest, or using a hammer to start a microbus...

  • Great story!


  • Quite the tour. TFPU!

  • @Roots 1990 on the nose! Shoes kind of give it away.

  • @WyoRockMan

    Finally, high school graduation came and our trip of a lifetime was ready to commence. We packed up the 1968 VW microbus with all of our climbing gear[1], a mountain bike, a reggae tape collection to die for, and about a thousand bucks in unmarked miscellaneous bills. We had a ripped out old climbing guides from Climbing and Rock and Ice and had a tentative itinerary. Hammer down, Wyoming here we come.

    And a camera 🙂

    I read the whole report

    Good job

  • C'est horrible that I led a few of those and had to pause to recall their names. Just Say No, Pigs on the Wing and Cairo?? Uncertain about the middle one. Total blank on the Smith Rocks stuff but my bet would be that I've climbed 'em. Maybe some names on those pics for us old timers? Maybe not. Let others discover the gold for themselves? Although I am sure these have been discussed exhaustively and well known. Have not been to "The City" in a while though and recollection fades. So many routes, so little brain matter... 😕

  • A wonderful trip report. Of course, photo captions are good, but I accept that "every photo tells a story." Thank you for taking the time to put this story together here. I'm curious?? What year?

  • @FritzRay Photo captions are a great idea, but honestly I don't remember the names of most of the routes, 1990 was a while ago. @toby got the CoR routes (well, 3 of 4 anyway), so thanks for that!

  • @WyoRockMan

    Heh, second photo down of the Smith shots: something in the Dihedrals? Don't recall the names but pretty sure recognize having climbed both the TR and one someone is fixing to lead. Likely a few of the others in that shot. Used to "live" there from a month at a crack as well, bitd when you only had to pony up $2/night to bivouac out in the "rough campsite" area. Good times.

  • @toby I did some looking. I think the one Smith shot is Derek TRing, Heinous Cling. Simon was climbing really well that day, he got Chain Reaction earlier in the day. I remember doing quite a bit of boulder traversing that day, as crimpy 12s have never been my jam. Kids....

  • What an amazing trip and story!

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