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  • When I moved to Ca it literally took me 4 months to transfer tags and get my drivers license changed. I had to jump through ridiculous hoops and painfully long lines. I was issued a REAL ID license w/ Motorcycle endorsement.

    I just got a letter 1 year later saying that I need to sign a letter include 2 residency papers and mail them so that I'm REAL ID compliant. WTF.

    Is the government going to track my residency every f'n year? What if the utilities are in my wife name?

    Boy this pisses me off. Just venting....


  • @Skywalker

    The DMV is a nightmare

    I took a signed and notarized affidavit in

    Then they made me hand write it and sign it

    Be persistent and patient


    Use the appointment system in really does work

    I just walked in

    Went right to the head of the class so to speak

  • @Skywalker

    Welcome to the reality of ubiquitous surveillance. Ironically, many security gurus refer to such as "Security Theater". 'Chit the government puts on display to put on a good show but does little to nothing to attack actual root causes. I wonder if my grand kids will be RFID chipped at birth? Don't laugh. My grand parents could have never imagined this. Indeed, they were quite suspicious that Social Security numbers would become abused as a national id. Those who lived thru oppressive regimes like Hitler were more than a bit more on guard against such abuse. We have become complacent.

  • Another mandate, to make America "SAFE AGAIN!" Heidi, who is a 3rd generation U.S. citizen, renewed her driver's license last year, but it does not have the new required STAR on the license. So, in about a year, no flying or access to U.S. courthouses for her, without a new drivers license with two proofs of residency, or a passport, which she also needs to renew.

    The trick here is, in much of small town America, there is no door to door postal delivery & many folks have P.O. Boxes. That does not work for proof of residency, since Big Brother needs your proven physical address. I have no doubt that our Idaho Republican Congressmen are aware of the problem & have brought it to our President's attention. Since our Congressmen are some of the best Congressmen that money can buy, I'm certain that our P.O. Box problem with idenity as GUD-Americans will soon be solved. Or not.

  • I used to be not so concerned

    I mean there is so much data out there

    Who is gonna use it

    Well macnines and software are so much more powerful these days

    Somebody is going to use it for sure

    Enough to make you want to use a cipher for all those porn sites and "fetish" sites

    Not you Ftritz

    But watch out for your investments 😂

  • @FritzRay

    Lol.. My Idaho representatives are in follow the herd mode and support 'chit like this. Bought and paid for just like the rest of them. Ya' gots to follow the money, mon!


    I am told there are overpasses in CA fitted with RFID scanners that can log drivers by the chips in their credit cards, much like salmon returning upstream to spawn are counted and identified whilst using the pass thrus along various damns. Seems far fetched. Maybe one of those tin foil hat deals but I used to work in fisheries and the technology for such has been in use in that field for a long while now.

    Okay, enough of this 'chit - time to chill with the wife.

    P.S.; It would be erroneous to make any assumptions about my political affiliations. I am disillusioned, apolitical, and poke at all of them for the sake of stimulating discussion.

  • @toby

    That is amazing - the RFID stuff

    I do not have a cell phone (but I sit on the internet with iPad and PC , duh)

    Lotsa folks down here near the border are cash and carry

    I met a guy who installed the stuff and we would all likely be amazed at the electronic monitoring on the ocean floor off Point Loma (not dolphins mind you)

    There is no need for a wall on the border

    They could even ID all the tunnels for a lot less than the cost of a wall

    They could also know which agents are on the take at the border

    Why don't "they" ? money swears

  • @zBrown said in REAL ID card:


    As soon as credit cards came with RFID, I bought a new wallet that blocked the signals so someone standing next to me couldn’t capture my card number and expiration date. Would (edit: probably) work for the overpass thing too.

  • @FritzRay -- oh my, i heard about that, too... mine is old style, as, it caught me by surprise, and i did NOT have all the needed info, etc, etc... so-- i will lag, behind, airplane-wise, unless i get busy, 😮 ...sounds, bad, i know... but, if one needs to travel?

  • @nutagain - Credit Cards operate on a system that is about 900 mHz and are passive tags, so the range is very limited. To obtain longer ranges the system usually needs to be active (battery assisted). It is possible to read a passive tag at 80 feet but it would be under optimal conditions with a specialized highly directional antenna. I am skeptical of claims of freeway overpass readers.

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