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  • Greetings All You Happy People 🤸

    I had the idea early on to play on some common climbing terms for category names. I also wanted to balance this with keeping the names short, sweet, and descriptive. Hence, I put that off. Until now. Just spruced up "Trip Reports" and "General Discussion" a bit. Not sure how that works for mobile users. Feedback welcome.

    P.S.: Yeah, I really, really did come close to tossing "Sprayers" into the Politics category's name but feared it might be interpreted as carte blanche, anything goes, which is pretty much the antithesis of what I hope that to develop into.

  • I like 'em.

  • I am wondering if folks would prefer to have threads such as Tioga Pass Conditions and Bishop Fly Over filed under General Discussion or Trip Reports? Should the latter be limited/restricted to actual climbing reports, or broader to include high value, climbing related informative posts like these? They are trip reports, after all.

    The Off Belay category may be a bit "noisy" comparatively and, as things grow and become busier, muffle such posts. Potentially get a bit lost in the shuffle, so to speak. Trip Reports is lower volume. Or would such threads be interpreted as diluting the "signal" in Trip Reports?

    Of course the above only applies to folks who prefer Category View. Those preferring to sort by Unread, Recent or Popular filters (icons across the top left to right from Redpoint logo) would still retain their preferred views.

    I am open to whichever the community feels most appropriate. Figure we ought to sort out such guidelines and establish our preferred precedents sooner rather than later. It's your space. Feedback welcome.

    Note: To be clear, I am referencing "climbing related" threads. Reports on your trip to the zoo should be posted under General Discussion.

  • @toby
    IMHO the Tioga Pass Conditions thread is more informational and works best in General Discussion.

    MisterE's Bishop Fly Over is a sweet and simple trip report and deserves the less-busy category of Trip Reports.

  • @toby said in Category Mangement Related Stuff...:

    Note: To be clear, I am referencing "climbing related" threads. Reports on your trip to the zoo should be posted under General Discussion.

    With all due respect, Ken, limiting TRs in the TR Category to "climbing related only" will drastically limit the number of fun/humorous/off-beat endeavors peeps might like to regale us with. And we climbers like to be regaled with fun/humorous/off-beat endeavors.

    A TR (Trip Report) is a TR (Trip Report).

    One might get one trip to the zoo amid two dozen climbing trips to the mountains. So what? More likely we'll get gem-hunting hiking trips to the wilderness, or epic back-breaking trips to the closet, or possibly hysterical photo trips around town trying to convince people that Fresno is actually paradise incognito (I'm drawing on stellar TRs from the defunct Taco). Entertainment and a sharing of a slice of our life with our community is what it's all about...not just one more wall conquered and here are the photos to prove it.

    Why put these creative masterpieces on the General Discussion page where they'll get lost in the crowd?

    A TR, regardless of subject, belongs with all the other TRs. Most people put a lot of time and effort into making a good TR. Let's applaud them for it, eh? 🖖

  • @L-Aura

    Thank you for weighing in and sharing your perspective.

    I hope I did not come off as draconian - just dip sticking the community to get a feel for what y'all prefer. Kind of missed most of the richness you alluded to being primarily a monthly digest consumer at ST. I like the zoo. No issues here if such is the community consensus.

    @skiroc queried about visibility and how threads and posts were sorted. I became concerned that I might need to tune the category descriptions to be more specific. Rather than second guessing I decided to solicit feedback from the tribe at large. Will leave as is in absence of any strong opinions to the contrary. If it subsequently becomes a bit much for a majority I can always do some housekeeping at a later date.

    It's your community and we aim to please. 🐕

  • I agree with L-Aura, but of course I was guilty of non-climbing trip reports on mineral-hunting adventures in remote spots in the west, & Euro-travel adventures. Of course, some climbing purists were offended, but I like to have & share fun. Since an Idaho magazine has paid me for 17 of my stories since 2012 & I'd enjoy sharing out of Idaho stories here for free, do you have a problem?

  • @FritzRay

    Not a problem for me. Go for it. We'll deal with any community complaints, if/when they occur.

    You should own copyright for all that stuff unless you signed some "work made for hire" contract, in which case the magazines likely now own them. Just sayin'... cuz... well... yeah... you know the drill.

    Sounds like some good stuff. Looking forward to it. ✌

  • I would be careful about making too many categories and moving stuff around too much.

    It has been the death of many forums...

    and the simple one page format is the one everyone misses.
    Moderation is to be expected, but remember the base and our appreciation for the simple formatting.

    Liking the "Redpoint", too. Got a lot of my early gear from that place and Metolius, as a weekend warrior from Seattle.

  • @MisterE

    Got it.

    Howsomever... w.r.t. the trip report thing, would only involve moving about not creating additional. Basically slightly different slicing and dicing.

    I made a concerted effort keep things pretty lean on the category front - it's like taxonomy: Some are Taxonomists are "Groupers" while others are "Splitters".

    That said, I did get a request for an additional category for "Science and Philosophy" type stuff. I considered it but for now think such is fine in General. If we get a lot of such threads then it may make sense to break them out to their own space. That said... heh... nothing is written in stone and I am open to feedback.

  • Why Is There No Place for Climbing-related Content Besides Trip Reports?

    It seems that if the Politards have their own "discussion area" - why can't we?

    Just an idea - shoot me down if I am wrong. I can take it...

  • @MisterE

    Merged this to keep category management stuff from becoming scattered hither and yon. Will ponder this a bit and get back to you w/more later. Got some other stuff to attend to this morning.

    Real quick like: Circles back to "One man's meat is another man's poison" dilemma. I want to reread commenetary scattered about in various nooks and crannies, get a better feel for the "pulse" and ponder this a bit. ✌

  • @MisterE said in Category Mangement Related Stuff...:

    Why Is There No Place for Climbing-related Content Besides Trip Reports?

    It seems that if the Politards have their own "discussion area" - why can't we?

    Just an idea - shoot me down if I am wrong. I can take it...

    I'm betting because so many of the STians insisted they LIKED the all-in-one discussion, and so Toby accommodated. Now.... well. What're ya going to do - have a Climbing Related section for those who like the separated, but for those who don't, let their threads that are climbing-related stay in General???

  • This post is deleted!

  • Instead of Categories vs No Categories, would it be possible to have two "views" that users can switch back forth?

    So if you want to see ALL threads inline (ie, no categories, ST style) you can choose that view and if you want categories (number and type TBD), you can choose that view instead.

    Possible on the backend without too much work?

  • I am thinking stuff like @MisterE Pratt's Crack Canyon post may be better suited to a trip report in a dedicated thread? At least the ones sporting multiple images. Single picture posts, by contrast, likely are best placed in the conglomerate thread.

    A non exhaustive list of benefits would include:

    • OP's can then always come back a flesh them out with additional details. Or not.
    • Searchable. For example, a year from now someone may be scratchin' their head wondering where they saw that?
    • Information hierarchy. A trip report entitled something like "Pratt's Crack Canyon" is less amorphous than "What did you climb today?".
    • Less confusion for new members about what constitutes what and where they should post what.
    • Tags can only be applied to threads and not individual posts. Tags may also be combined, such as "trip report", "ice", as appropriate. Tags are a killer feature, especially as sites grow.
    • Sustainability. A few years down the road a single thread will have thousands of images. Maybe this worked at ST where images were much smaller but we are supporting some pretty decent resolutions here and we'll eventually hit a breaking point where someone will start a new thread entitled something like "What did you climb today, part duex...".

    I pretty much just talked myself into it. Got to plan for tomorrow a bit w.r.t. stuff like this and just because something was done that way other places does not necessarily make it a good idea. I'd like to get some more discussion going around this. Pros and cons help me more than just expressing a preference.

    Thanks bunches. ✌

  • That's cool - they don't really feel like trip reports, but we get it.

    Maidy just said: "Mini Trip Reports!"

    The add-on element seems cool too!

  • @MisterE

    Agreed that finding optimum balance is an elusive beast. I have had others inquire as to where they should post similar so coming to some generally agreed upon consensus would, I think, be helpful.

    Another reason I missed above: we could tag such threads as "trip report" (don't care for "TR" cuz could be confused with commonly employed abbreviation for "Top Rope"). Tags can only be applied to threads and not individual posts. And then combine tags such as "trip report", "ice", etc.

    Note: Admins and moderators can easily handle the mechanics of such via "Forking" respective posts to new threads.

  • @Happiegrrrl good idea, what would you call it?

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