Public Servant or Public Serpent?

  • I am admittedly jaded when it comes to politics and politicians. Despite a stacked Supreme Court decision to the contrary, I do not believe that corporations are "people" entitled the same rights and protections as real, living and breathing humans. Corporations were invented as a construct to distribute the risks of uncertain business ventures. In other words, a tool for man to use for the benefit of man. Not the other way around. That decision set the stage, or heck, maybe just accelerated and brought to the fore what always was: Elected officials governing in the best interests of corporations. As such, corporate profits have soared, with CEO's enjoying salaries that Peter F. Drucker, widely regarded as the father of modern management science, considered obscene. Protecting their golden geese has resulted in ever escalating corporate financial political warfare necessitating ever increasing budgets that price many would be candidates out of ever even entertaining the notion of running for public office.

    Which brings up another of my big peeves: The framers of our Consitution had lives outside of government. Serving their country in such capacities was not their life's work, nor professions. Yet we now suffer numerous politicians whose careers span several decades under the guise of possessing now requisite "experience" (not trying to bash the right but rather point to the longest running example of which I am aware). Indeed, far too many have never done anything else. This is obscene! How are these supposed "representatives" going to be capable of representing the common citizen when they've never interacted with any outside of the handshakes, baby kissing, and fake smiles during "campaign season"? You know, that time every so often they need to go hunting for unsuspecting voters to dupe long enough to get reelected. Moreover, since many seem to lack any real world job experience they've morhped into little more than puppets dancing to whatever tune their big money donors desire.

    Over the decades I believe such has resulted in the devolution of our democracy into an outright corprocacy. "Citizens United" (read big $$$ one percenter donnors) cracked Pandora's box wide open, scattering to the wind what few stops and safegaurds which did exist. Result being that I belive the corprocacy has now been perverted to a plutocracy.

    I read somewhere a few weeks back that the RNC and DNC 2020 presidential nominees are expected to have budgets on the order of 3-5 billion dollars. Each. Does anyone here have the kind of money to ante up to that table? I thought not. End result being candidates which excel at telling us what we want to hear (read liars) "winning," while we fools, stupid enough to fall for their lies, are left with mouths agape, getting reamed once they take office and wondering wtf happened. Expectations of even minimal personal integrity? Ya' gotta be kidding...

    Yeah, I get it's a sticky wicket. On the other hand, it is difficult, if not impossible, to legislate morality. Yet such is often demanded. So what is a candidate to do when these come into conflict? Likely lie, tell voters what they want/need to hear to get (re)elected. Once in office it's back to business per usual, gleefully following their respective pied pipers like the rats that they are. We have all witnessed this time and time again. Is anyone still naive enough to expect the interests of the majority of supposed public servants' constituents to trump elected officials personal views and those of their puppet masters?

    As an example, today Joe Biden, a man with long held religious conviction against abortion, flipped his stance on government funded abortions in response to the cold fact that he'd soon find himself at the back of the Democratic pack should he not. I am not trying to single out Joe. Trump flips faster than the fry cook at the local diner. To wit: I did not even yet know he'd already flipped on Mexico Tariffs at the time I drafted this essay.

    So.. given all of the above, what the heck are we supposed to do? Are we fools for believing anything these candidates say, knowing full well that they will say anything to get (re)elected and back to milking their sacred cows? Indeed, we have created a system wherein we periodically select the worst sociopaths. Any and all efforts to drain that swamp will find a very deadly and effective two headed viper: The DNC and the RNC . One may hope that a viable third party will emerge. Like the mythical two headed snake, however, the venomous fangs of the RNC and DNC argue and bicker between themselves viciously, but woe to any and all comers who may be foolish enough to threaten their swamp.

    The issues and underlying root causes are too complex for my feeble mind but this is something I have wanted to rant about for a while now and in the interest of stimulating discussion got off my keester and spit it. I am not a journalist. Nor a PoliSci major so spare me any roastings for my ignorance. I am looking for intelligent discussion and debate here, not one off bashing and ad hominem attacks.

    Yeah, I know this is long winded and belongs in a blog article. I thought I might toss up something along the lines of the types of stuff I was hoping would emerge in this category.

    /me ducks!

  • @toby

    Maybe too complex for this venue.

    Power (and these days that seems to equate to money) corrupts.

    What did folks who lived in it think about the Aztec culture in Mexico?

    Talk about bleeding hearts, blood money?

    Then along comes Cortez.

    Am I sounding pessimistic?


  • @toby nice read

  • Lots of real problems you bring up are all happening at the same time. Can't fix just one and expect everything to work. All those systems need fixing before things get better. And yes, it's all overwhelming.

    First step is people getting back to real conversations, with the initial understanding that people who disagree with you may actually know something you don't. Ideological tribalism is the problem. Without honest conversation based on facts not emotions, ideas can't evolve or settle out with the best ones on top. You can't force that process with a sword. It has to start with real goodwill and intellectual honesty, and so we are stuck in an ideological standoff and no one is willing to put down theirs guns first.

  • I'm not opposed to multiple political parties fighting in elections & then having to compromise to share power here, like in many other "First-world" countries.

    However, it appears the best way to ensure a Republican wins the presidential election is for a liberal to run as a 3rd party candidate & the same lesson was learned in 1992 when conservative Texas businessman Ross Perot ran & Bill Clinton won over the favored Republican Bush 1.

  • @FritzRay

    Ah, yes.... the Giant Sucking Sound. The beginning of the end for US based jobs. 🚽

    Turns out he was spot on. Which is why he got my vote. 👍

    I think we need more parties. Dampen the US vs THEM arena sporting event mentality that those in power have doped us up with since... Coliseum Gladiator days. Maybe all the way back to the Aztecs? Serving up that mind numbing opium to the masses is an age old, tried and true tactic. I typically find myself voting for the lesser of evils rather than a candidate I actually would like to see elected. Variety is the spice of life and I think we need more, and hopefully, better choices.

    For example, were it not for the success of the then "progressive" Bull Moose party, we'd have no national parks, monuments, etc., which both the Republicans and Democrats opposed vociferously. Theodore Roosevelt had a lot of public support for things the public was solidly behind but the status quo fought tooth and nail: The right for women to vote, for example. Which some suspect motivated the assassination attempt which damn near killed him. Thank goodness for a stuffed chest pocket else.. maybe still no Yosemite, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Devils Tower.... Uh.. insert yer' fave climbing area here. Maybe even no state parks like Smith Rocks. So, let's hear a hip hip hooray for Teddy! 🐻 👏

    Alas, the two headed snake stopped bickering with itself and turned it's attention to the interloper... the rest.. is history.

  • I know this is old, but deserves discussion. Teddy's "walk softly and carry a big stick" is sound advice.

  • @Scole said in Public Servant or Public Serpent?:

    I know this is old, but deserves discussion. Teddy's "walk softly and carry a big stick" is sound advice.

    Be sure to check out the stuff I linked up post. Teddy was pretty amazing. Lots of thought food apropos still today. Especially today. Too bad so few seem to have any interest in history these days. One of the more effective ways to learn.

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