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    And I just read it here https://forums.redpointuniversity.com/topic/94/humans-are-primarily-driven-by-self-interest/15

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  • Introduction. I am an anthropologist and artist and an archaeologist. I'm also a math person, and that is how I have made most of my living. My anthropology and archaeo studies have focused on Rock Art and its Iconography. My own recent art work are delicate objects of high-fired porcelain, including multiple series of my Fairy Worlds(c).

    I've spent a lot of time in the Winds, some time in Canada, and done a bit of scurrying up rocks in Scotland, a few other places.

    I am fairly boring and quiet. I am currently conducting an archaeological survey of petroforms and all rock art and artifacts in a glacial till pothole environment. Right now, I am working on a couple of large, ancient astronomical observatory sites often called Medicine Wheels by later arrivals.

    But I'm off from doing much until after a TKR which has been postponed, so have a bit of time to spend here. It is really great to see everyone. Hello formerly known as Ghost, and I see others here I know. Thank you @toby for this place and thank you for your efforts. Great job!

  • @FeralFae I wanted to add a bit of literature from Kipling, given to me in calligraphy when I was six years old, from my Army Air Corps/RAF uncle. I had recently announced my intentions to become an archaeologist. I keep having excellent adventures while exploring this planet. This has been with me since six:
    “Something hidden. Go and find it.
    Go and look behind the Ranges—.
    Something lost behind the Ranges.
    Lost and waiting for you. Go!”
    I hope everyone here is having equally excellent adventures even if safely solo. I go out tomorrow to a remarkable new astronomy site. I hope you all have fun this week! FF

  • @FeralFae -- wonderful!! wonderful!! YOU ARE HERE now... love and hugs... have a great exploring... stay safe... i know you know how... 🙂

  • Newbie noob here. A potential refugee from That Other Site that may dump forums. Or not. Invited by the tie-dyed one. I also infiltrated the gathering at COR recently to sit and listen to Doninni regaling a young friend with stories, so if you were there and saw a ridiculously short old lady, that be me. Helen, in Boise

  • @Old-lady-H

    Ha! Old Lady H! My wife tells me about your posts on Mountain Proj. Says you are a voice of reason.

    But I have heard that MP is going down the tubes. Like Super Topo.

    Whatever. Welcome aboard.

  • @Old-lady-H Cool, cool, cool. I missed out on that little gathering as we had other stuff hitting the fan at the time.

    Welcome to RPU. Enjoy! 🐕

  • @toby that was the third time for Kim buying pizza for myself and my dirtbag friends. Not even our party! Pretty sure some on here know me

  • @David-Harris thank you! MP was in a bit of turmoil. Nick was/is getting tired of trolling, and losing interest in the existence of the forums. Traffic seems way down, and some of us actually converse on there. I've friends from online I would never have met otherwise.

  • @Old-lady-H Bitd it was infrequent you'd run in to a fellow climber anywhere other than at the crags so it was natural that you'd talk nothing but climbing if/when you were luck enough to cross paths with such (at least for me). Fast forward to modern times, climbing went mainstream (as contrasted with "Counter Culture") and "climbers" are everywhere. As some sage wisely responded to early concerns that we did not have enough climbing content on RPU; "There is nothing more boring than climbers talking about nothing other than climbing....". So please do feel free to discuss whatever, excepting identity political tribalism (see "Claim, Warrant, Impact" guidelines in "Big Questions" category), as at RPU we prefer to focus on our shared passion for climbing and other outdoor adventures that unite us rather than petty differences that divide us.

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