Bishop - A Quick Fly-Over with Friends

  • A few years ago, we got an amazing invite from a client to hang out for an over-night at their shared Rock Creek cabin and a flight over Bishop the next day.

    At the cabin 1024X.jpg

    Early start in the never-crowded Bishop airport.

    Ze Plane 1024X.JPG

    Fueling Up 1024X.JPG

    Heading out in a drought year:

    Drought Year 1024X.JPG

    Fly-by of Bear Creek Spire and Morrison:

    Bear Creek Spire 1024X.JPG

    Mount Morrison 1024X.JPG

    The approach to the airport coming back::

    Bishop Approach 1024X.jpg

  • @MisterE

    Sweet! I used to have a friend and bush pilot who owned her own single engine tail dragger. Called me up early one morning and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast. Replied in the affirmative and began rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Next thing I know I am in her plane, flying over the Sawtooths as a recently risen sun lit them up in full grandeur. Landed at Smiley Creek and made the arduous trek across the street for an awesome breakfast.

    She ended up heading the aviation program at some college in WA. Like far too many old friends, I have lost track and not spoken to her in years. Mad props to Amy Hoover if you happen to be out there. 🛩

  • So kewl.

  • @MisterE Bear Creek Spire looks amazingly otherworldly from the air!

  • @toby Cool story!

    I posted a test TR on both forums, and this one works great.

    Thanks for that - Skip and i really like the trip reports, and the other one was clunky...


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