Great news for exposing/fighting Gerrymandering

  • @nutagain

    This is actually pretty great news. Unfortunately, the article fails to mention that this is a bipartisan effort, with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger raising the hue and cry from the right. That a man originating from country too long ruled by oppressive, authoritarian, totalitarian, genocidal, and just outright evil regimes groks the assault on our democracy posed by Gerrymandering enough to cross party lines should be telling.

    My understanding is that thus far, several Democrat candidates have committed to signing (waiting on the actual hard copy so they can actually sign). No commitments from any Republicans yet.

    Of course both the RNC and DMC have long histories of Gerrymandering, with untold billions being spent on stacking the decks for their respective parties during census years. We never hear much about it, other than the hypocrisy of the loosing party whinging about it until they can get the deck stacked back in their favor. Been a long while since the Democrats had the funds to buy enough elections to accomplish this.

    We, the people, need to put a stop to such practices if we are to have any hope in preserving our democracy. I urge everyone to reach out to their respective representatives and give 'em hell if they refuse to commit to this. Take a day off from craggin', these boards, and whatever else is occupying your time and attention to ring this freedom bell at town halls, phone calls, emails, etc. Urge your friends to do likewise. And ring it loud!!

    This really should be the issue in 2020 if we are to have any hope in restoring a government that actually represents us, we, the people.

  • Well the Supreme Court doesn't think it's their job to fix the issue...

    Quoting reference above:

    "The ruling puts the onus on the legislative branch, and on individual states, to police redistricting efforts ...."

    ".... Roberts noted that excessive partisanship in the drawing of districts does lead to results that "reasonably seem unjust," but he said that does not mean it is the court's responsibility to find a solution."

    Agreed. So hit your fed and state legislators when it counts: the voting booth. Call, email, snail mail. Raise a ruckus for this corruption to end.

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