Ozone Hole Grows This Year

  • Ozone Hole Grows This Year but Still Shrinking in General

    The ozone hole hit its peak size of more than 26.4 million square kilometers on October 5, the largest it has been since 2015, according to NASA.
    Chlorine and bromine chemicals high in the atmosphere eat at Earth's protective ozone layer.
    Decades ago, atmospheric chemists noticed that chlorine and bromine was increasing in the atmosphere, warning of massive crop damage, food shortages and huge increases in skin cancer if something wasn't done. In 1987, the world agreed to a landmark treaty, the Montreal Protocol, that banned ozone-munching chemicals, often hailed as an environmental success story.

    It's a slow process because one of the chief ozone-munching chemicals, CFC11, can stay in the atmosphere for decades, Newman said. Studies also show that CFC11 levels going into the air were rising a few years ago with scientists suspecting factories in China.

    Freakin' China! Again!!

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    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming..... 🤦

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