Mt. Si in Winter

  • My wife and I were chowing down on lunch in North Bend, WA, and noticed these chutes up Mt. Si. I'm curious if anyone has ventured up them in prime conditions. It kind of reminds me of a smaller version of Snow Creek on the North face of Mt. San Jacinto.

    mt. si.jpg

  • @Moose What do you mean by "prime conditions"?

    Perfect way-sub-freezing winter day with axes and crampons?

    Summer forest thrash?

    Heli drop on the summit and wingsuit all the way to Issaguah?

  • @David-Harris said in Mt. Si in Winter:

    Perfect way-sub-freezing winter day with axes and crampons

    Perfect way-sub-freezing winter day with axes and crampons.

    But do say more about the heli drop...

  • @Moose Well, of course you peasants never looked beyond groveling up to to a summit through devils club and slide alder. And, perhaps, in your dreams, maybe once in a while getting out of 3,000 feet of vegetation for two or three axe placements and pretending that makes you a winter climber...

    But those of us in tbe upper echelons of society have our private helicopter drop us off on the summit from where we launch a wingsuit descent to Issiquah, where we have our servants waiting to take us to the Noodle Boat for the best Thai food in North America.

  • @David-Harris Sounds like fun! You buying? 💵 🤣

    I have only been in a helicopter once: When the US Coast Guard seized a boat I was on whilst working as an observer in the "Joint Venture" fishery in the Bering Sea. Took off from the deck and dropped me in Dutch Harbor. Where the outsource corp. I had contracted with promptly assigned me to another "Hell Boat" that the previous observer had quit mid contract.

    Now there's yet another story or three I should write up. If I weren't so lazy and my mind was not going to mush... 😈 🐕

  • @toby Nah, you can buy your own. It will be worth it.

    As to helicopters, I have spent enough time in them and around them to know that I've had my thrill/fright. Someone else's turn now.

    Stories if anyone wants them.
    IMG_0027 - a.jpg

  • @David-Harris Of course we want stories. Lots and lots and lots o' stories. 🙂

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