Water - What is it Good For When it is Gone?

  • We shall skip the politard daily and cut right to the heart of the matter, eh? A dying patient? Can the surgeon be summoned in time? If so, will they possess the requisite courage and skill? Hmmm.... inquiring minds are curious... 🤔

    “This is a lose-lose”: Drought, wildfires complicate ... California water plans

    An incendiary political question at any time, changes to the system put in place under former President Donald Trump would be sure to set off a political storm during a punishing drought that has cut some farms' water deliveries to zero.

    "None of the options for the federal government in this drought would be anything but controversial," said Jeffrey Mount, a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, a nonprofit think tank that analyzes California policies. "This is a lose-lose; whatever you do, it's going to be highly controversial with someone."

    At the heart of the fight is the Trump administration's rewrite of endangered species rules, which limit the amount of water that can be pumped from the state's water hub in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Central Valley farms. Trump used California's water wars as a political cudgel, blaming environmental protections for agriculture's water woes during one of his campaign-style rallies in the conservative Central Valley, and tapping the lobbyist for the state's most powerful agricultural district, David Bernhardt, to be his Interior secretary.

    Green groups are desperate to overturn the Trump-era rules and want the Interior Department to craft new, far more protective ones. They say the administration's decision to leave the contentious Trump-era rules in place for months does not jibe with Biden's efforts to cast himself as an environmental champion, and could lead to the extinction of endangered salmon. But the powerful Central Valley agricultural interests that benefited from those Trump policies are praising Biden's "deliberate" approach.

    In other words.... Politardics are per usual.... We're fsck'd... 😞

    Edit: Uhhmmm... but what about salmon and other anadromous fisheries sport and fishermen lobbies? Well, I can speak from experiences as a fisheries biologist that they are dwarfed by Big Ag. So what, will we, as humans do to preserve that upon which our very existence relies? Turns out... not much. Greed sure does lead to short sightedness in the extreme, eh? 😓

    The Biden administration’s Bureau of Reclamation has taken some steps to stave off the effects of the drought on fish and other species, like reducing water flows for power generation at Shasta Dam to preserve cold water for later in the season when fish need it to keep their eggs cool.

    However, environmental groups say the administration should have gone further in cutting water deliveries to agricultural customers, pointing to the deaths of adult salmon caused by rising water temperatures in May and June. And Reclamation's plan to manage the Sacramento River still predicts more than four-fifths of this year's eggs will die due to high water temperatures.

    "It seems like the Bureau of Reclamation is operating exactly the same as if Donald Trump was still the president and all those terrible appointees were still in place," said Bob Wright, a lawyer representing environmental groups in water litigation. "As far as the Bureau of Reclamation and what they're doing with water, there's been no change."

    Oh, smell, guess there is only one thing left to do, eh?


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