Missing people found and not found

  • Rescuers find body of Idaho hiker missing for weeks


    Matthew Greene has never been found since he left
    Mammoth. Was he buried in a huge rock slice?

  • One never knows. Outdoor recreation and adventure have been marketed as safe and sanitized but ultimately man is not in charge. I suspect many of us old farts hereabouts have had some close ones. Not to mention grateful for pure dumb luck, divine intervention, or whatever floats your boat. ⛵

    I've been toying with a long solo last hurrah back packing trip next year. Stuff like this gives cause for pause. Especially when yer' no spring chicken! But then on the other hand... what is that old adage about "old age and treachery...." .... 🤔 🌴 🌴 🌴 🐕 🌴 🌴

  • @toby

    For several reasons I would not consider a solo trip.

    Until my aortic dilation/aneurysm situation clears up I am staying pretty close to home. If it were to rupture or dissect it is imperative to be near an ER.

    I did discover that I have an in-law who has had one for nine years with no apparent change, which I see as a good thing.

  • @zBrown Sad to hear. Even more sadly, there is no stopping father time. Which is all the more reason why I must do this trip sooner rather than later. Been putting it off for over three decades now. Comes a time when on must either put up or shut up and just drop it from the list. Which is yet again all the more reason why I must do this trip. Formidable undertaking nowadays. Would have been a nice puppy fluff trip bitd. So maybe apropos that we never got around to it, eh? Until now??? 🤔

    P.S.; Been percolating for months now. Scary monsters to post up about it here... cuz now I am on the spot and have serious reservations about my physical limitations at this juncture. !Aye, Caramba!! Do you caramba!?? 😜🌵 🌴 🌴 🌴 🍍 🍋 🥑

  • Another hiker found buried under rocks.

    A group of hikers located Morell's body on Saturday in the White Tail Peak area after first noticing a piece of hiking equipment on the trail. McQuillan said the hikers were aware of the search efforts and a closer look of the area revealed Morell's body beneath what appeared to be a rock slide in an area that had been previously searched.


  • This post is deleted!

  • zBrown... just saw this... i did read that artice, about the family, 😞
    thank you for sharing about all these situations...

  • In 2018 when they tried to explore The Great Blue Hole in the Belize Barrier Reef using a submarine they found the remains of 2 of the 3 divers who've gone missing.

    The guy I guided on the FA of Monkeyfinger disappeared in the Winds about 6 years later. By then, Rob, a very literate climber, must certainly have read the David Roberts novella in Ascent, Like Water And Like Wind, and I think he ended his life in the same manner as one of the characters.
    He might melt out with global warming.

    If Conrad (who found the missing Mallory) had not run the other way then he, Alex and Dave would have gone missing for 16 years.

  • any of you guys know if Vika is ok and if she is in Ukrain?

  • @NickG Alas, no, I do not. 🐕

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