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    Mike Loughman

    OK, is that the same Mike who is in this photo from Indian Rock circa 1970? My photo.

  • @ksolem Roger has his rocks and gems well displayed inside the Batso museum. I might as well throw out a few more before more time passes.

    batso museum rocks and gems.JPG

    batso lisence .JPG



    That one above is a better photo of AlDude getting his groove on with the boys.

    Ann Nita Lynne.JPG

    Above photo one of my oldest friends from Yosemite, Ann, Nita back there and @LynneLeicht to the right in Ann's kitchen, making food for the Bachar memorial. She says Russ Walling used to live across the street.

    And one more. This one really cracked me up; Brian Smith, Al Dude, Cashner and Don Reid more than 30 years ago playing the same place! I took this photo of the poster inside Rick Cashner's garage in Swall.

    Brian Aldude Cashner and Reid mid 80s.JPG

  • Great photo from the past.....very cool!

  • @was-dar That's Amy, so that's most likely to be Mike. Funny, I met Mike at Indian Rocks.

    A lengthy quote from a review in the AAC journal of Mike's book, "Learning to Rock Climb."

    “This book is designed to help you bridge the difficult gap from beginning to a level of expertise that will get you into the circle of good climbers doing hard climbs.”

    Loughman’s method is very simple: The novice should hang out at bouldering areas and hone his skills on boulder problems. Experienced climbers will help him in this situation and he will develop the level of skill necessary for him to be an acceptable second. To help the beginner to develop technique, Loughman begins with an exposition of climbing movement that is brilliantly illustrated with sequence photographs of Amy Loughman climbing unroped on various problems at Indian Rock in Berkeley. These photographs are unique. They illustrate the fundamental principles of body position and weight transfer that every experienced climber knows, but which no one has described before in the literature. The pictures are stylish and, when combined with the commentary, very informative. The only artificial note is that Ms. Loughman resolutely insists on smiling, even in the midst of strenuous mantles. Nonetheless, these pictures and the accompanying text constitute the only genuine description of basic climbing technique in print. There is an equally lucid account of elementary crack climbing methods. Let us compare Robbins and Loughman on the use of the feet in off-width cracks:

    Robbins: (Describing a narrow off-width crack climbed with the left side in) “The left foot is inserted at knee level with the toe pressed sideways against one wall and the heel sideways against the other … and the right foot gains purchase similar to the left but at the edge of the crack, or by pointing the toe down and the heel up and wedging against opposite walls.”

    Neither here nor in the rest of the description does Robbins ever mention moving up!

    Loughman: “Your outside leg is the key to off-width technique. It does the work of lifting your body. The foot spans the crack between the heel and toe, the heel lifted above the toe if possible and turned somewhat into the crack … it is important that your knee be turned out … so that there is space for it when you move your foot higher … your inside leg and arms … support you while you move the “outside foot to a higher heel-toe jam.”


    Will Always be Bachar Day

    I save one fountain firecracker

    To set off at my Private mountain

    To remember how my generation of climbers

    Were inspired by the archetype rock climber

    John Bachar

    Ah,🎷 for the sounds ~ A Touch of the funk! What Is Hip?

    A tip-o-the hat to the master

    For all of it

    The sending the gnar on nobs

    To Sending - just sendin' it ⚡

    We are All Forever Grateful

    Lynn Hill's "Tribute"

  • Yet another great gathering I missed. So many familiar faces. I'll come around more often, I hope. Glad to join in here and be part of a gathering spot for the Tribe. Chris Runner, Fresno, Tehipite Chapter

  • It was good to be there and see some old friends, meet some new ones. And it was very encouraging to see people still remember the shoes we made together.


  • @The-Gnome said in Bachar celebration:

    To remember how my generation of climbers

    Were inspired by the archetype rock climber

    John Bachar

    Damn y'all fer' posting up here again... Now I am all re bummed out that I could not make this. Sigh.... maybe if had been a Saturday rather than Friday would have been a bit less challenging for those of us not living in CA, eh? Just sayin'...

    Less tongue in cheek, rereading this thread, the bit quoted above from Gnome's post really strikes home and rings true! I have browsed some other forums catering to the young gun crowd and been rather appalled by the lack of interest, much less respect, for those who've gone before them and upon whose shoulders they stand upon. Really miss the climbing lifestyle. But also content to not be a part of the whoring of it as "sport".

    Interesting to see how Mill Creek Station "grew up". Was pretty much a hole in the wall when last I was there, circa early 90's. Heh, need a "historical road trip" fer' the waxin' nostalgic tour.

  • bachar wedding resized.JPG

    Nita owns this photo and gave permission to post. Bachar's wedding to Brenda in Puerto Rico with her and boyfriend, Don Reid and Rick Cashner with former girlfriend and mother of Chelsea, Karen Bailey.

  • @Alfalfa , hey there, say, wow! this is very nice! thank you to nita, for the share... wow!

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