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  • 0. I don't like the way "YOUR GRIPE HERE" works damn it!!

    Uhhhmm... Check your User Settings Menu people! There's more likely than not a knob fer' that! 👍

    1. Why Redpoint University?

    • Because I registered it some years ago and it was handy.
    • SuperTopo Forums will no longer be extant real soon now...
    • It was time to 'git 'er done! Branding and other minutia could wait.

    2. What is with the TWELVE character pass phrase requirement?

    • We like to maintain at least some semblance of a delusion of security.
    • We prefer not to make it too easy for miscreants to crack your account.
    • Nor are we too fond of the hit such would take on our resources, reputation, time, etc.

    For those challenged by strong pass phrases - you're brain has hooks to the most important and interesting stuff. Use 'em, e.g.;

    1. What was your first piece of "pro"?

      • Coonyard#4Hex
      • That's 13 right there and likely minimally suffices? But I recommend taking it a bit further....
    1. Early memorable route?

      • CosmicFrostyCone

      • Too much to type? Shorten to CFC so some such alternate permutation that sticks.

    2. Where would you rather be?

      • ~~^^&__

      • Oceans, mountains, and deserts.

    Season to tastes and you've got a very secure and highly memorable pass phrase.

    3. My browser is whinging about ssl/tls encryption related 'chit...

    • We prefer to encrypt most everything using fairly strong ciphers from the tlsv1.2 suite.
    • We do not support tlsv1.3 yet but its day is coming so you're going to have to upgrade anyways....
    • We could downgrade to weaker ciphers but that would only be PPP (Purely Psychological Protection), so ya' might as well upgrade....
    • For the geeks SSL Server Test

    4. What is up with the onerous Terms of Service consent?

    Read what you are consenting to during the registration process carefully.

    • The stuff that gets "collected" here is to enhance your user experience of THIS site.
    • The verbiage is the way it is to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations, a.k.a. GDPR.
    • It is entirely possible, if not probable, that potential Redpoint University Climber Forum members reside in Europe. We're just throwing them a bone here and getting ahead of the curve!

    And the rest of y'all as well, as these regulations are far more transparent than what many US based websites operate under. 😎

    Inquiring minds desiring more info can geek out to yer' hearts content on the Whole Enchilada

    5. A few words about filenames.

    Don't upload files with names containing "special characters" that are commonly used in various programming language syntax, e.g.:

    • ~
    • !
    • ' "
    • ; :
    • [ ] { } ( )
    • .. ..\ ../ --
    • Nor various other "top row shift" chord stuff like backtics ( ` ), $, *, % and such.

    And since I am on the subject of file names.... Spaces can be generally kind of sucky too. Maybe opt for CamelCase, underscores, or hyphens instead, e.g. "my very long file name with many spaces.jpg" becomes:

    • MyVeryLongFileNameWithManySpaces.jpg
    • my_very_long_file_name_with_many_spaces.jpg
    • my-very-long-file-name-with-many-spaces.jpg

    CamelCase is popular with various programmer religions because it shortens to fewest characters. In my opinion the hyphen option results in the best "readability" and ergonomics. Exercise caution, however, to not incorporate two consecutive hyphens, as that emulates program syntax. Underscores are pretty sweet readability wise but can be difficult to discern from spaces on some displays and also require a "Shift chord" so a bit more work to type.

    6. Continuous Scrolling vs. Pagination

    RPU defaults to continuous scroll.

    Pagination is also an option:

    1. Got to your "Settings" menu.

    2. Select the "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll" checkbox under the "Pagination" subheading. Pages will then default to twenty posts per page. Season to tastes.

    3. Do not forget to save your changes.


    I recommend you step out of your comfort zone for a bit and explore continuous scrolling. Continuous scrolling keeps per post replies inline, close to the parent comment/post to which they refer. Which is an especially dandy feature for mobile users.

    Like most "features" hereabouts.... There's a knob for that! 👍

    7. What's up with this "Markdown" stuff, eh?

    • These forums use a lightweight markup language sporting a witty name: Markdown.

    • The built in composer window and preview windows are dandy for quick, one off replies, but maybe a bit lacking for longer posts and articles.

    • You may prefer editing Markdown directly in the comfort of your favorite text editor for longer posts and articles.

    • Further information:

    8. Hyperlinks

    Hyperlinks in Markdown are effected via a combination of square brackets and parenthesis:

    • The bit 'twixt the square brackets is the text description you want displayed.
    • The bits 'twixt the parenthesis is the actual uniform resource locator, a.k.a. "URL", for the hyperlink. For example:
    [Redpoint University Climber Forums](

    Renders the following hyperlink:

    Redpoint University Climber Forums

    Descriptive text is optional. For example:


    Renders as:

    9. I hate the Home Page Layout!

    For those who desire a substitute_your_preference_here default forum view..... uhhmmm.... like most features hereabouts, there's a knob fer' that!! 👍


    Settings -> Home Page and select either "Categories", "Unread", "Recent", "Top", "Popular"

    As per your desired layout. Don't forget to save your changes.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.... 🎅

    10. How do I Initiate a Chat?

    The "icon" second from right on the "toolbar" across the top of your default "Home" view that looks like what would be used for a character in a comic's speaking initiates "Chat", a.k.a. "PM", or Private Message (hint: toolbar remains visible at the top of page when scrolling thru posts) . This can be used for direct one to one conversations. An easy way to initiate a chat with a particular user would be to click on that user's user name. That will take you to that user's "Home Page". Find the blue circle on the right w/the three vertical dots. Click on that and a menu should pop up. Select "Start new chat" option to initiate a new chat.

    11. How do I Upvote a Post

    Regardez, si'vous plait:


    Note the lower right up and down "carats" surrounding the "1" in the screenshot above:

    • Click up/down to vote accordingly.
    • Hover to view community members who may have also voted.

    Caveat: RPU's user interface is "adaptive" so what you see may vary by device/screen.

    12. How do threads get "quality votes"?

    Regardez, si' vous plait...


    Alas, the "Votes" ranking in the above utilizes a flawed algorithm presenting oft times misleading results. For example, Scott Cole's post above sports a single vote. Yet upon examination of the thread itself we see seven "up" votes in only the first five posts:


    So What Gives, Eh?

    The astute among us will note that the algorithm is flawed indeed: Only the votes from the topic opener post are counted!

    Yikes! Admittedly this is sub optimal.

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