Room With A View

  • Decided to mix it up a bit and set the landing page default to "Top". This selects the top most popular using the votes awarded to the OP as its metric. Kind of a different, and interesting perspective. Thought I'd rock a 'lil botnip for a couple days and see what shakes out....


    Of course registered site members can always over ride the global defaults via their personal user settings. Options include "Recent", "Unread", "Popular", "Categories" or whatever floats yer' boats, eh?

    Anywho... I may well experiment around a bit next few days just to keep life interesting. Global default wise only two really make the short list: Categories and Recent. ✌

  • Popular, we are...


  • FWIW, my vote goes to make "most recent" the default view.

  • @David-Harris That is where we're headed after my little experiment plays out. 👨‍🔬 🐕

  • And ... just remember.... no matter where you go... there you are...


    Which completes our little home page tour. Although I still like Categories supplemented with Carousel - nice balanced hierarchy of cats while still keeping recent posts front and center for the drive thru consumers.

    That said, the Recent Carousel will be going away during future upgrades/makeovers. So that pretty much leaves "Recent" as the last of the mohicans left standing. 🐕

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