New Models Coming Soon: Fly, Shot & Gama!

  • Hello RPU! We hope you're off to a great start this year!

    We celebrate that climbing is increasingly diverse. Today, climbing brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems. Some prefer leather. Others are looking for more affordable or "cow-friendly" options.

    The all-new Gama, Fly and Shot bring all climbers Acopa's renowned quality, comfort and performance in a line of leather-free models. Designed for both indoors and out, these three new models are choice for beginner and intermediate climbers who favor synthetic materials.

    The Fly is a go-to, whether at the gym or your favorite boulder. The "no-drama" Gama is the perfect tool for your hardest problems. And the Shot is an all-around edging machine, perfect for long routes and all-day comfort.

    All three models feature Acopa's new RS2 Rubber. Just as sticky as our original RS Rubber, RS2 is a little firmer and designed to better withstand the wear and tear of indoor climbing.

    All three models will be available from our website by or before Spring 2021, so please keep checking in!

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  • Ah... so us old and grey types guessed "incorrect" when we had the leather vs. synthetic discussion a while back. I was a vegetarian for a number of years. But I never thought twice about wearing leather. Especially when it came to boots. Time change.

    In any event, glad you dropped by for the update. Haven't chatted w/Scott in a while. Extend my best should your paths cross down in Old Mexico. 🌵 🐕

  • @toby Hope you're doing well! Haven't seen Scott in a while, but hopefully we'll be able to have a follow up brew soon.

    About leather vs. synthetic, I wouldn't say us old timers were "incorrect"... we went with natural leather for the classic line. And the Enzo, Chameleon and B3 will be 100% natural leather as well. We just wanted to add these options for those climbers who prefer synthetic.

    Stay well, all the best!

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