Mountain Biking Thread

  • Maybe we should start a mountain bike thread? There are a few such posts getting sprinkled into various threads here and there - wh/means they will be difficult to find for those not already in the know or with less than stellar memories. A dedicated thread can also be tagged "mountain bike" or maybe "mtb" for short? 🤔

  • @toby As far as I know, I'm the only one here who rides. And my riding now is the mtb equivalent of 5.3.

    If there are others who ride, then a separate thread might make sense, but otherwise I'm happy with the odd mtb post in whatever other thread.

  • @David-Harris I was also thinking in terms of inspiringing new folks who may be into both? Used to be MTB was mainly a way to get to the crags faster, at least for many, but now is a really big deal and many outdoor folks actively engaged in both?

    And yeah, most of the mountain biking stuff is you but I was thinking maybe I should try to collate a bit for those who come late to the party. If more folks knew, maybe more would engage? Kind of sounds like maybe not. Let see who else weighs in?

    Thanks for the feedback. ✌

  • I used to ride. Only one significant crash. No helmet of course. All the impact was on my shoulder., which was sore for a long time.

    Still have the bike, but it has not been ridden in a long time.

  • I have a mountain bike. the front shock rusted shut 21 years ago. its a Cannondale mono shock front fork. rest of the bike works fine. I only ride it when I have to drop off or pick up one of my fleet from my mechanics which is 11 miles. up hill both ways but much much worse coming from dropping a rig off to get home..

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