REI sells Mountain Project.

  • Since I've never been a Mountain Project contributor, I don't have a "dog in this discussion."

    Mountain Project, the online platform that is the largest resource of user-contributed climbing-route information in the world, has been acquired—along with its sister Project sites, collectively known as Adventure Project—by onX, a digital navigation company well-established in the hunting community.

    The acquisition is the latest development in the history of the 15-year-old site, which, though an REI property for several years, has remained a free resource throughout its lifespan. The news of the merger with onX prompted many Mountain Project (MP) users to express concern that the site might become a pay-to-play service in the future, but Mountain Project Co-Founder and CEO Nick Wilder confirmed to Rock and Ice that this is not the case.

    More here:

  • I can empathize with the trials and tribulations of providing/managing a community space. It's a gas!! 💉 Woot!! 🦉

    Kudos that they appear to be taking the high road, preserving content, etc.

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