• @FritzRay Yeah, right. Think about how it would have been for you if you had been born in Rwanda.

  • It is all relative, of course. We can appreciate our fortune and still be appalled when we witness an abberation to our norms. We don't have to minimize our experience in comparison to a worse one, but yeah.... It could be a lot worse.

    Partly, this is why I have debated with friends and internet posters who romanticize the idea of civil war/revolution in this country, insisting it is the only way for real change. Knowing a few people who have endured those things, or acted in countries destroyed by warlords and imperialism.

  • And how could I forget the currently "interesting" Covid 19 pandemic. Are we lucky, or what?

  • its been a wild ride thats for certain. totally sick to my stomach for most of the last 5 years....

  • I can't complain
    But sometimes
    I still do
    Life's been good to me
    So far

  • @zBrown Indubitably. ✌

  • I just hope that someday soon it all calms down enough that we can feel safe road tripping.. Of course Isa had to go a get a Dawg this weekend so life will dramatically change for us as far as freedom is concerned....


    I just hope that someday soon it all calms down enough that we can feel safe road tripping.. Of course Isa had to go a get a Dawg this weekend so life will dramatically change for us as far as freedom is concerned....

    tl;dr inclined??

    How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend (Monks of New Skete Method)

    Full book at Good Reads:

    How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners

    A copy of the 1st edition was sent home by the breeder of my first Siberian Husky. Good stuff. Don't believe the hater reviews from the anti-discipline crowd. Just use those techniques with restraint and clear objective in end results. When used correctly, such instances should be few and far in between.

    Toby recommended. 👍 🐕

  • @NickG !Aye, caramba!! Ever stumble or trip while hiking? Unless you're accustomed to regularly hiking w/kevlar sawyer chaps that puppy looks like an accident waiting to happen. Scores of five star reviews, too. I'll take a couple cork gripped graphite trekking poles at a fraction of the weight. If I am somewhere I feel in need of a weapon I'll grab some industrial strength bear spray. Even if you are a badass martial artist weapons expert.

    🥋 x 🐻 = 🐻

  • I have a feeling the folks who buy that rig don't or can't actually hike. its the kind of thing that goes with your wall mart tacticle vest to wear to the trump rally.

  • LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop

    The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has directed its officers to collect the social media information of every civilian they interview, including individuals who are not arrested or accused of a crime, according to records shared with the Guardian.
    Surveillance concerns

    In 2015, the department added “social media accounts” as a line on the physical field interview cards, according to a newly unearthed memo from the previous LAPD chief, Charlie Beck. “Similar to a nickname or an alias, a person’s online persona or identity used for social media … can be highly beneficial to investigations,” he wrote.

    While the social media collection has gone largely unnoticed, the LAPD’s use of field interview cards has prompted controversy. Last October, prosecutors filed criminal charges against three officers in the LAPD’s metro division, accusing them of using the cards to falsely label civilians as gang members after stopping them. That unit also has a history of stopping Black drivers at disproportionately high rates, and according to the LA Times, has more frequently filled out cards for Black and Latino residents they stopped.

    Meanwhile, more than half of the civilians stopped by metro officers and documented in the cards were not arrested or cited, the Times reported. The fact that a department under scrutiny for racial profiling was also engaged in broad scale social media account collection is troubling, said Levinson-Waldman.

    Now isn't that special? Big Brother is freakin' out of control. And has been for far too long now. So much of "Land of the Free", eh? 😭

  • Orwell was truly visionary.

    Not too disappointed with my spot in history. I got to do stuff that people can only dream of today. I'm not so sure that future generations will enjoy a more healthy environment both physically or culturally.

    I am now the toker villain that hasn't taken a toke in near a year. Even longer since I last climbed. Were it not for my ranch and my library I'd be at risk of being bored to death.

    Have white Americans lived in a safety bubble for the last 60-70 years? Not this guy, but I suppose that it was possible for some.

    As we go from pandemic to endemic I become more terrified at the blithe indifference people here in southern Utah exhibit.

    Interesting times? Well its been an unexpectedly wild ride for me.

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