GEORGE WHITMORE... as to Covid and SEND CARDS...

  • say, climbers... we got this note, in the 'big walls' group on the facebook... from holly:

    george whitmore, is in a healthcare home-- recovering from covid... he does not have his cell phone, she said ... and--
    keep in mind:

    but here is her note for climbers that know him, or, know of him:

    "Hi Folks- George Whitmore (first ascent of the Nose) contracted COVID 19 and he is recuperating in a nursing home. He could VERY MUCH benefit from you sending him a card or letter. He does not have his cell phone and if you know George, he normally is VERY in touch with his email, news, and events, so being disconnected is hard for him.
    We are hoping to help raise his spirits. If you are interesting in visiting you can PM me for more info. DO NOT just show up.

    The address to SEND your cards and letters is:
    Sierra Vista Healthcare
    Patient George Whitmore.
    1715 S Cedar Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93702

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