Stupid people tricks..

  • Not sure what i was thinking... thought i had it all figured out but the snow hid some slippery rocks and the streambed was much softer mud than anticipated..... yada yada ya...
    That little Ranger had no chance in my mind of actually pulling Red Bessie out of that hole but I got her hitched up anyway. Figured to give her one shot before Calling for real help. Lifted the front end up with the bucket and got slab wood under the front tires. Got Isa to come out and drive Red Bessie.
    That locking front diff on the rangers low range 4x4 really did the trick. I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

  • Time to celebrate! Here's to saving some money.

  • Of course it worked; it's a tractor! And tractors were invented to do the work of draft horses, and their job was to pull crap out of crappy stuck spots(like tree stumps)!

    Now what I'd like to see is a couple Clydesdales pulling your Bessie out the next time you get it stuck!

  • @Happiegrrrl the tractor was the one stuck. The little red pickup came to the rescue..

  • Red Bessie to the rescue again 🙂
    IMG_8365.jpg IMG_8367.jpg

  • @NickG Ya' towed 'em outta that w/o chains? Studded snow tires?

  • no studs. don't believe in them. to noisy and sckaty on wet pavement. Good snow tires though and good planning.

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