Indian Creek Home for the Aged and Infirm

  • I just spent two weeks in Indian Creek Canyon. I've climbed a lot in the creek, but never as a senior citizen, so I was a bit worried about a 2 week trip.

    It turned out to be a blast. We flew to California and rented a car, and then drove for a day and a half to IC. The first day we did a couple of routes before it started to rain, and then snow. We retreated to camp and huddled beneath the tarp I had bought at REI on sale on a whim. It turned out to be the most important piece of gear we had for the first couple of days.

    It snowed all night and I woke up to 5" of heavy, wet snow sticking to everything. It was beautiful, but cold.L1060469.JPG

  • Beautiful but obviously not what you had planned I am sure.. I really enjoyed the Bridger jacks the one time I was there.

  • So anyway: We woke up to 5" of wet snow and a brisk breeze. The high that day was in the 30s, so no climbing. That night the low was 9 degrees.

    Our fourth day was nice. We were well rested after our unexpected 2 days of rest and we were ready to go. We went to the cat wall, which was crowded as hell, but found a fun warm up, Cat Man Do, on the far right side of the wall, and then got a free ride on Fat Cat, ringlocks to sustained cupped hands!


  • Day 3 of climbing we went to the Nuclear wall, a first time for me. We warmed up on the easiest route we could find, "Hot Sex" and then I got totally spanked on a 5.10 "Warm up" Sustained tight hands in a corner to a nice flare. It seemed a bit stiff for the grade, and I was barely able to TR it, nearly vomiting at the rest in the flare. I held it down, but was done for the day.

  • I remember Sparkeling touch being very cool . a short bit of aid to the summit but pretty reasonable free climbing for most of it . also there was a very cool 5.9 to a tower summit just to the right..

  • @NickG I think we did Sparkling touch. Something sparkly anyway.

  • its in the bridger jacks. 10b cracks but they are not super straight splitters. more of a zig zag and some intermittent holds. Then a short bolt ladder to a summit.

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