Show us your dirt roads

  • my road election day. its all melted now,

  • Today at work somewhere outside of Challenge CA. Shortly after I took this windshield shot driving through slushy mud puddles, I encountered a recently felled tree across the road that someone deliberately cut to prevent my progress. It was a 20 point turn around with these newer extra cabs and longbeds and their longer wheel bases.

    My trusty GPS Range Finder got me on another unsigned road to my field tech destination. I rarely have a work day that does not involve dirt roads and like this one, a dirt road I had never been on. Tomorrow is last work day of the year for me.

    resized yesterdays road.jpg

    Looks like it worked. Third time is a charm.

  • Alfalfa! Thanks for posting up. When I explored some of deepest east Nevada with my SLC pal Jerry in June 2019, we both noticed his full-sized 8' bed Chevy pickup took way more space to turn around than my 4-Runner. Even though I once buried my 4-Runner to the doors. when I slid sideways into a mudhole, & Jerry saved me, we soon started parking his Chevy at a turn-out & exploring narrow roads in my 4-Runner.

    Camp on our first night.

  • Screenshot_20201230-092436.png

    It's not a dirt road, but a trail in Hot Springs on the Western side of the mountain. I've been on several Forest roads lately, and am in fact camped on one today...

    Will be back... It's raining.

  • Screenshot_20201230-093320.png

    Here's today. In the Quachita National Forest about 12 mikes into Oklahoma. It's raining and tomorrow will be heavy, but the road was in good shape, so I'm guessing it will hold up for when I leave on Friday.

  • @Happiegrrrl nice spot and van. I'm sure I am not the only one who has not been to Oklahoma that is surprised to see pine forest there.

  • I'm ready for more remote dirt roads in 2021!

    The skeeters were horrible at this dirt road camp in Idaho's Lemhi Range.
    7-16 001.jpg

    Obviously, I had to get higher!

    7-16 010.jpg

    That road turned out to be a smidge narrow, but I found a different one & got high!

    7-16 015.jpg

  • comming home from skinning today.


  • mud season.


  • @NickG said in Show us your dirt roads:

    mud season.

    Not dirt. 🙂

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