Recent Glitches - 8/28 & 8/30

  • Greetings Redpoint Climber Forum Community 🐕

    A couple of outages recently:

    1. 8/28: Hypervisor Issues

      RPU was down for a time due to hypervisor hardware issues. A defective HBA (Host Bus Adaptor) was replaced and RPU was back online w/o much ado.

    2. 8/30: CenturyLink/Level3 Network Issues

      Identified - Beginning just after 6 am ET, CenturyLink began experiencing global routing issues that are currently affecting many properties across the internet. This major CenturyLink networking event is impacting services nationwide.

      This one lasted several hours. Hypervisor and virtual machines were purring along nicely. Unfortunately, the network pipes into and out of the data center, as well as numerous others were in need of a good plumber.

    Been a bit negligent on this update but best late than never. In any case, RPU rides again!! 🏇

    Party on, Wayne! 🥃 ✌

  • @toby said in Recent Glitches - 8/28 & 8/30:

    Party on, Wayne!

    Wayne ain't here. He was on ST as Wayno, and the dude knew how to party. But he ain't here. The rest of us will have to party on in his absence.

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