Peak Bagging

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    Nita and I hiked the class 2 walk up to only peak in our county over 7,000 ft, Humboldt Peak and got an even better view of the 3 hour old Stump Fire. We had watched it bust out as we set up camp at our dispersed site. Air attack was pretty heavy and that fire was out in a few days unlike what has been going on here ever since, cough, cough.

  • Still doggie sitting so no chance of finishing up our project on Mt Hor. but Isa found a nearby peak that we had not been to. loaded up the van and set out looking for the trailhead. 20 min from home we pass this cornfield...
    then we took a wrong turn and ended up on a 4th class rd. an hour later it got smoother.
    IMG_6200.jpg aparently we drove in a big circle but we were spit out on a road that we recognized. Eventually we found the trailhead and the summit.
    IMG_6212.jpg just in time for the wind and the rain.
    finally back at the van with two wet tired humans and one very wet and tired dog.

  • Hiked the local Ski hill Burke Mtn. Michaila Shifrins home mtn. yesterday.



    Lots of folks drove up. and rode their mtn bikes down or para glided/ sailed?


    Fried our brains climbing the fire tower next to all the crazy shit.
    killer views..



    Naturally an ice cold swim in the lake. that shady side is where we have been climbing. It was great in August!



  • bagged a big one from the bucket list two days ago.

  • @NickG

    I gotta hand it to you two/three


  • off the radar hike to an summit with no trail... the long trail comes close but has no official side trail to the summit. it's a short bushwhack from the trail but no obvious sign of passage. we were supprised to find a summit register. last entrance from 2019 and first from 1999. the beaten path.
    Off the beaten path.

  • @NickG So, two questions: First, if you really were off the beaten path, what is that house (structure???) in the top photo?

    Second, why is the ground under Isa's feet sort of white? Did someone spray-paint the dirt? I don't understand.

  • the cabin is on the long trail. we hiked a side trail to the cabin from a fairly secluded trail head. trail not super obvious, then you join the long trail for a mile. The summit is on the map but not on the trail. a short bushwhack off trail gets you to the summit, its one of those wooded summits with no view so few people take the effort as they are almost to the end of the long trail where it meets Canada and likly don't want to take extra steps. found the top and a register that indicates that despite thousands of folks hiking past a few hundred feet away none had been there in over a year... the white stuff must have been because of our proximity to Canada. 😉

  • @NickG said in Peak Bagging:

    the white stuff must have been because of our proximity to Canada.

    Hmmm... Here's part of my (Canadian) back yard this fine November morning. No white stuff here.

    Sunny November.jpg

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