Nick & Isa's Lil' Heaven

  • Isa got the FA on Sat.. Beuna Vista 5.9


    Named after the view from the top..


    Cleaned up some of the trash hunters threw over the edge and foraged dinner..


  • That looks pretty cool Ray. I think Donini mentioned Salmon river to us at your dinner party in 2016. Didn't mention the rattlers though.. Our new find is a total heap. I did a ton of trundling Sunday.
    Its not the pacific NW but it's still pretty bad in the NE..
    rapped in from the top and made this mess on the bottom 20ft getting to the cleaner rock . My shoulder hurt just watching Isa work on the roof we have an anchor over.. I passed on that project for the moment and followed Isa up the 5.9 we established last week.
    did I mention it was freaking Cold! I traversed over and got an anchor in on top of what was supposed to be the perfect 5.7 or 8 warm up I have been looking for.... It turned out to be 10 something and lots of loose crap I had to trundle....
    the new sub compact brushless 18v Makita weighs about half of my 36v Bosch 🙂 My birthday present to myself. Seems to work well enough. It started spitting snow but my shutter speed was too slow to catch the ice pellets.
    Isa packed out some more garbage and ramps.
    Fresh change of clothes and hot mocha in the van were quite satisfying after those shenanigans.

  • I finally got around to leading this one. its getting cleaner and easier 😉 some kind of easy 9???

  • we carried out the last load of crap from the base of the cliff. the logging road that goes in here is gated now. assuming it was open in the 70s and 80s..

  • @NickG Skeeters are hungry in your neck of the woods, eh? When are they not? Head nets are damned good to have in the bug out bag. 👍

  • Skeeters and black flies for about a month then we should be ok without bug nets unless the deer flies are really bad.

  • good weekend of small rock, lots of vegetation and FA's.
    me on the FA of Vista Grande . 8+???
    There really is a great view of the white mountains from the top of this crag.
    then Isa did a variation link between Buena Vista and Vista Grande that avoids dealing with the overhang.
    so we called it Vista de Pollo . the sub compact ultra light rotary hammer works well. Certainly not as fast as my 36v bosch but much, much lighter.

  • This post is deleted!

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