Hey Picture uploaders and serial posters...

  • As somewhat outlined in this thread ( https://forums.redpointuniversity.com/topic/17/meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch ) there is a disconnect about just what posting a picture not only entails, but also on its impact on the system running this site.

    Not to be a partypooper or anything, but if you are going to upload an actual assload of pics, like a few here already did on SuperTopo, you will probably get throttled.

    Pics are great and come in very many sizes for the same pic... think about that. You can post images that are a few megabytes in size, or the exact same picture at a few 100K in size with just a little effort. We have all heard how the SuperTopo forum lost money for years... a large slice of that pizza is frikken petabytes (that is one million gigabytes) of crappy pics that are using up space in excess of their value... ie: the cost is storage space and delivery.

    With this kinda new start going on here, let's think about this a bit before posting big images. If you need help in how to reduce file size in your pics, ask and somebody will try to help you out. You could also look into having all your pics on some other server or service, and then just posting the links to the threads as another way to go. Look into Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Icloud, etc. Linking from your own in the cloud folder is quick and easy.
    Here is a link to some more services:

    Edit to add: everyone likes a fast loading site too... click a topic and BOOM! It is all there with no wait... big picture sizes will slow this down to a crawl. I know I hate sitting there waiting for a thread to load and then being completely underwhelmed after 38 seconds of a butt shot loading.

  • @RussWalling
    Thanks for the consideration there, Russ, and the sage voice of experience from running your own boards. Seems to be a perennial issue for forum operators. I am not sure linking from external sites helps this site much, however, as in a effort to maintain snappy performance, this system will endeavor to cache them locally, in memory for the frequently accessed ones.

    The issue here is not some much file storage but rather the bandwidth used to deliver those images. In the beginning... one bought a pipe of size X and could flow as much water thru that pipe as it's capacity dictated. Then some asshat vulture types (backbone provider 'trickle down' economics) figured out they could extort highly lucrative profits for actually using that pipe. Enter bandwidth fees (and caps on that fat pipe you have feeding your tv and gaming consoles). Hosting a petabyte of files is not so much the issue as far as storage is concerned. Delivering that petabyte over the Internet, on the other hand, would be a game ender.

    I intentionally set some liberal sizes on image uploads. Exponential growth in bandwidth usage has had me trim them back to 2M (still, I think, fairly liberal comparatively). It is my desire to have good quality images, especially for trip and route reports, as low res stuff and highly compressed stuff is somewhat less than useful. I also am a dog person (allergic to cats), enjoy art, and love nature so I am cool with that. Mayhaps we could ask y'all to exhibit a bit of restraint. At least until I can get a feel for where the growth levels off.

    I am well aware of technical alternatives to self hosting the images on my servers. All have trade offs so I wanted to at least test the waters before making such decisions.

    Thank you for your consideration. 🐕

  • @toby Doubt more than a few people have any idea of what is going on anyway... best bet is to watch and see what happens, and key in on the serial poster hooked to big images.
    Snappy loading is the best thing for sure.

  • Hey, check, that out!
    Only took about 45 seconds to sign up and become a cereal poster!!
    Take that TokerDood!

  • @steelmonkey I just peed my pants laughing.....

  • @steelmonkey

    And that image gets the joke across in only 18KiB to boot! Had a chuckle myself.

    So, word to the wise, just because the uploads limits are generous does not mean one needs to use high resolution for everything.

  • Can I change my username to TrollMonkey?

  • For folks who are savvy enough to follow instructions, hosting the pics somewhere else is a cleaner and faster solution (but not best for archiving with this site).

    A better strategy would be for the site developers to write some javascript that makes each user's own PC or mobile device do the processing to reduce image size, then upload only the smaller image.

    We should be careful to not tax the limited brain-power of climbers.

  • So, I can Rox the Socks

    Screenshot (138).png

    Just Have To Figure Out How To Sox The Rocks

    (If I Can Just Figure Out How To Maximize My Own Pictures?)

  • We're doing fine on both bandwidth and disk storage. Feel free to prefer uploading from local hard drives over linking to third party sites. The latter can generate potentially disconcerting "insecure site" warnings when their non encrypted content gets pulled into our site. Yeah, I can probably fix that but I have other priorities at present.

    For those who may have missed it, I found Pixlr's Free Online Photo Editor pretty easy to grok. Of course you will need to save the resulting edits to you local file system before upload here.

    Have fun-- ✌

  • I've been using a free app called "image Resizer" for a couple of years. It has a very easy batch resizing function.

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