Quotable Quotes

  • End of Days?

    Fear not, young Master Henry
    You will be brave, because you are brave.

    We face dire challenge and chance.
    Our lives, our way of life,
    It hangs in the balance,
    A fragile glass standing on a wire,
    High above the asphalt as we pray,
    For not one drop of rain under overcast sky.
    And yet I smile.
    We will fight and we will bleed.
    And yet I smile.

    We shall face men,
    Some cornered in the roles by circumstance,
    Some desperate murderers thrilled by blood.
    We shall end them all,
    As is our charge this day.
    As is our sorrow.
    And yet I smile.

    We will leave our loved ones,
    To traverse a dangerous road,
    Reaching out of peace into war.
    As is....

    For we will mine glory from the rock of struggle this day.
    We will honor and protect this,
    This bastion of life in a land of the dead.
    And we will win.
    We will win.

    I smile.
    I laugh.
    I rejoice this day
    For on this day,
    We are joined in purpose and vision.
    We are of a singular heart and mind.
    On this day, we are one.
    We are one!
    We are one!!

    The Walking Dead

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