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  • Re: ACOPA 2020 - The Rising
    I climbed in my new Spectres yesterday. Same perfect fit. I can't wait to put the JBs to the test.

  • @Scole Ah, c'mon Scott - quite teasing us and serve up the goods w/a proper review. Pretend we don't read/trust the climbing rags. Sticktion, smears, toe jammin' etc. How does the rubber on those rigs compare to others, e.g. 5.10 Stealth. Heh, I was also going to prompt you fer' some pics but mayhaps you test drove them at the new secret basalt columns, eh?

  • Sorry, but I was rope soloing a new sport arete, so pics were hard to come by. Next time I go I'll do a proper review. My first impressions are good, Acopas always fit me well, and these were no different in that respect.

    The new Spectres seem a bit stiffer than the old ones, but perhaps that's because my old ones are on their fifth resole. I was wondering if they added a stiffer midsole. Climbing on the secret basalt columns gives you opportunities to edge, smear, friction and jam, and the rubber worked great. I can't compare it to 5.10 rubber because I boycott 5.10, but fresh out of the box they stuck great and show even wear after one day of climbing, unlike some 5.10 shoes which were trashed after one day of climbing.

    As more information becomes available I will share it, but so far I am very pleased

  • @Scole

    Hey Scott, hoping the Spectres have broken in and worked out! They might seem a bit stiffer because the new version is lined?

    Climb on!

  • I'm loving both the Spectres and the JBs. I just spent 2 weeks in Indian Creek and the JBs were awesome.

  • @Scole Good to know! 👍

    Rock on! 🎸 🐧

  • I must confess that the shoes were not a limiting factor in Indian Creek.

  • Nice! So happy to hear that, @Scole ! Thanks!

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