Partner Forum

  • Has any thought been given to having a partner forum here? I looked around and didn't see anything like that. It has come in handy for me a few times on Mt. Proj. Just wondering if it is something under consideration.

  • @Brandt-Allen Totally doable we've just not had the need. I favor not subdividing categories up to much - the old "splitter vs lumper" balancing act - and let topics of interest evolve "organically". Then split off if/when warranted ( e.g. the dedicated "Acopa" subforum). For now, feel free to post up a thread in the "Belay On" category with suitably descriptive title, e.g. "Climbing Partner(s) Wanted". If we get a lot of interest I can then later fork to a dedicated sub forum. Until then, however, my preference is to not slice and dice top level categories lest things become too "cluttered" and messy looking.

    Thanks for the feedback. 🐕

  • Makes sense to me.

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