Images: Posting Logistics

  • First off, please read the Images: Copyright, Fair Use, & Public Domain thread. Please also read Forums FAQ "A few words about filenames".

    Alrighty then, armed with that knowledge we're ready to post up that way cool pic. Like many things technical, there's more than one way to do it:

    1. Uploading Images

    At present RPU prefers uploading images over linking to images hosted by third party sites. Keeps things cached all under one roof, the site more responsive and avoids third party site tls issues. If/when self hosting images ever becomes a burden we'll explore offloading such duties to a content delivery network.

    • The easy way, for those sporting modern desktop graphical user interfaces, is to drag and drop them into the composer window.

    • Images may also be uploaded manually as follows:

      1. When composing a reply or new post look for the cloud like icon to the right of the "composer window toolbar".

        Project - Drawing 1 (3).jpeg

      2. Hover over said icon and it should cue you that you've got the correct one with an "Upload Images".

      3. Click on it and browse your local file system for the desired image.

      4. Upload your image.

    Hint: Workstations are much easier to wrangle than mobile devices. If you want to upload several pictures (e.g. a trip report), consider downloading from your mobile device to your workstation.

    2. Linking to Images Hosted At Third Party Sites

    Use the "Picture" icon (fourth from the right in the screenshot above) if you need to link to an image from a third party site such as Flickr.

    Third party image hosting sites often employ various trickery to discourage copyright violations and have a financial incentive to keep people on their site rather than browsing said images elsewhere. Hence, uploading from your local device may be preferable.

    3. Maximum Image File Size

    • Image maximum size is 3072 KiB (a.k.a. 3M for Windows users)
    • Files in excess of that require cropping, compression, etc.

    Maybe check out Pixlr's Free Online Image Editor. It is what I use. I find it more quite a bit more convenient than the full featured 800 pound gorilla applications for quick resizing and cropping one offs. 👍

    Caveat emptor: I have not scrutinized Pilxr's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, nor Cookie Policy. Those concerned with such, and we all should be, may want to give them a closer gander. Been a busy puppy as of late 🐕

    4. Maximum Cumulative Upload Size

    Posts containing images are limited to 12M cumulative total. Thus, for example, a post comprised of ten 2M images will be declined.

    Limits are necessary to mitigate denial of service attacks. It is unfortunate that some people's children find amusement in horking things up for the majority.

    5. Image Display and Resolution

    Images larger than 1520 x 760 pixels are actually stored twice on the server:

    1. The original image at the original size and resolution
    2. A resized copy to display nicely inline within thread itself w/o impacting load times too adversely or taking up three screens worth of real estate on smaller displays such as tablets and smart phones.

    Clicking on the resized, inline image should open a new browser tab and display the original image file there. If that new tab lacks sufficient real estate to display in full resolution, the browser's auto-zoom is invoked to fit available real estate sans any need to scroll. Clicking on the auto-zoomed version will then zoom to 100% and the image will be displayed in all its full resolution glory. And of course scrolling will now be requisite.

    Still confused? See my two "Finger of Fate" shots near end of thread here for an example of the above:

    6. Why Don't You Automate This Like Other Sites?

    One of the prime reasons I do not automate this to a one size fits all like many other forums is to provide the freedom for folks that have the requisite knowledge and skills to use their best judgement w.r.t. display of their photos. And I think the RPU community at large is all the richer for it. "Enduring" the minor inconvenience of not "snap chatting" directly from smart phones seems like a "first world problem" to me.

  • @toby said in Images: Posting Logistics:

    Image maximum size is 3072 KiB (a.k.a. 3M for Windows users)

    That may be what the site is programmed for, but I still get "image too large" notices for images well under 2 mb.

  • @David-Harris Hmm.... 🤔

    This occurs regularly and repeatably? With a single image per post or are you including several images in a single post?

  • @toby Single image. Under 2 mb.

  • 2.3M image upload test:


    3x4K pixels so is also being resized and "compressed" (jpeg quality 80) so final result weighs in at just over 1MB.

    2.4M image upload test:


  • Multiple images in single post upload test:

    Originals 2-3M per each:








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