Comet Neowise! Do you have photos to share?

  • I may have seen this - or something - streaking across the sky a few days back whilst glassing a hawk with my 8x42's. An red'ish orange dot. Figured it was some military operation targeting/mapping us. But the color was not correct for HeNe red lase so go figure. Else maybe some chromatic aberration. Be all that as it may, it occurred in about the right part of the sky.

    Going to make a more sincere effort tonight. If I don't pass out beforehand - you know how it with us old farts ... 🙄 🐕

  • The art of comet photography is proving difficult, for a object just slightly discernable with the naked eye. I have managed lunar eclipses in the past, but last night's photos were of distant lights on the canyon rim, lots of stars, & empty sky.

    Maybe, I'll have less fine red wine before the next attempt, tonight.

  • @FritzRay Heh. Likewise I need to quaff a few less craft brews.... Hard to not have by the time 11 rolls around. 🍻

    Still... tried to get a gander at Neowise last night. 10pm was too early yet, especially with the big city light pollution. Headed back out around 11:30 pm. Dark enough then but, alas, now that I got oriented those trees do indeed block the view of just where I need to be lookin'. Planning on taking a lil' drive to a better vantage point tonight. I just have a little pocket travel camera, and no tripod, however, so I doubt I'll be able to get any pics due to the complications you describe. Nothing to loose but my time so I'll still give 'er the ol' college try though. 📷

    I wonder if @NickG has a view? Cuz I'll bet he's got the grear. I suspect there are lots of trees up his neck of the woods though. 🌳 Maybe few days time when it gets higher into the sky?

  • I have not been keeping up on this? I am going up r to Isa's tomorrow and certainly she is hip to what is going on... I don't have much photo gear left. My photo buisness is pretty back shelf with only about a dozen official gigs a year. which I seem to shoot exclusivly with my 80-200 F2.8 I seem to only have one pro body that works... sold all my specialty glass years ago..

  • @NickG Jeez dude, just get an I-phone and you can take whatever pichers you want.

  • Just back from actually seeing Comet Neowise for the first time. ☄

    Readily visible with 8x42 bincocs provided you know where to look. Way too much light pollution from the Big Chitty' though so not much spectacular. Then there's also the air pollution, hot summer nights and re-radiated IR shimmer from all the asphalt heat sinks resulting in a less than optimal image. Need to head up to the Sawtooths for some good clean mountain air and some darkness. ⛰ 🏔

    And a telescope would be dandy. 🔭

  • I give up! This is my best comet photo. It looks sooooo-much better than that though my 8 power binocs. I'll keep watching, but I'm done taking photos of it.

    Ray comet best..JPG

  • This post is deleted!

  • @drkodos Nice! Once again I had the best of intentions to go out again last night but pre midnight is just too early here - too much light yet, compounded by urban pollution. Had planned to head south into the desert a bit... but..... alas... I tend to wake up early and crash early these days. Neighbor has same "problem" but he did get out last night. Said he got great views once he got away from the city. He's heading out again tonight w/a buddy who has a telescope. I got invited but we're also hosting a small dinner party tonight for my kid and his gf (they telecommute and should be low risk) so we shall see.

    Is that somebody climbing Devils' Tower via headlamp in the background?

  • we tried fri and sat night but could not see it from our location. not enough sky...

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