Resurected from the ashes.

  • My bench grinder was a $5.00 yard sale purchase. it started very slow when i first plugged it in. Flip it on and it would hum for awhile and very slowly start spinning. I mounted it on my bench and used it enough that it got happy and works perfectly now. It was simply feeling neglected. I have been useing it regularly for close to a decade now 🙂

  • @Scole
    Well this is prove my memory works sometimes. I thought the name was familiar, but didn’t know or remember it was Cobblers cement. Thanks. I have a few pair of boots I could get some more use from with the correct material, Liquid Nail didn’t hold up.

    Don Reid was my climbing mentor in my first season in Yosemite, 1978 and all others for that matter.

    He took me to the Mountaineering School, made sure I got a pair of EB’s that pinched my toes, and then took me to his tent and immediately cut some patches, pulled out the Barge Cement and went to work. Being the novice climber I was, I stood there in total dismay at what he was doing to my new gear.

    I think they sold Barge cement at the YPCC store in Curry Village.

  • @NickG

    Sounds like a bargain, someone must have thought the motor brushes were gone, when they were just dusty.

  • That bench grinder is running stronger than ever! and getting a steady workout. Bought a truck for $2,500.00 the cab is decent, frame looks decent. bed was toast. tearing it off and building a pressure treated bed would be time consuming and expensive. likly about $500.00 in material. 14 hrs of cheap and dirty body work and almost finished. when I am done I will have a brand new winter truck 🙂

  • @NickG Good work.

    With your construction and mechanical skills, you'd make a fortune here. Minimum six-month wait for even the smallest renovation. One of the local climber/construction guys is booked over 12 months out.

  • its supeer busy here as well. that has not translated into the workers getting more money.. just the bosses....

  • new tail gate freshly painted and ready to instal.

  • old tailgate bad..
    new tailgate good.

  • Rock on, DIY!! 🎸 👍

  • out for christmas day rip...

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